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THELMATransactional Health Exchange Linking Multiple Applications (Australia)
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This past August, the state lost a very important and honored member of its music community, pianist and arts advocate, Thelma Hunter.
Throughout the course of her studies, Thelma studied Business Administration at Southwest Business College.
Thelma, who is originally from Glasgow, said: "When I saw the land, I just had to have it.
Now an assistant minister at the New Testament Church of God in Great Northern Street, he is glad not just to have found his calling but that Thelma answered his own.
Outlining some of the unsung voluntary work and fundraising undertaken by the members of the 34 Midlands clubs, Thelma talked about her chosen charity Home Start UK, and envisaged that in the 91st Inner Wheel year of service and friendship that all members would maintain the willingness, enthusiasm and dedication to widen their horizons and move forward towards our centenary with positivity.
Not everyone wants to go to Olympia or the Royal Welsh Show - or can afford it," said Thelma, 51.
Thelma, 88, said: "We had seen each other before but then we got talking at the side then we had a dance.
Thelma, a munitions factory worker from Mynachdy, met Leonard, a Fairwater boy who worked on the railways, at The Regal dance hall on Western Avenue at the age of 21.
But it was on the set in the cafe in the third episode of the second series of Hebburn that Thelma says she made it big.
Thelma, who has been a dinnerlady at Henley Green Primary School since 1988, has seen many changes at the school.
Thelma revealed there was no recession in the dressmaking trade despite the sixth straight austerity Budget hitting Ireland this week.