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TESThe Elder Scrolls (video game series)
TESThermal Emission Spectrometer
TESThermal Energy Storage
TESTidal Enterprise Scheduler (software)
TESTeaching Every Student
TESTimes Educational Supplement (publication)
TESThermal Energy System (Restoration Drying Technology)
TESThe Exchange Student
TESTertiary Education Strategy (New Zealand)
TESTeacher Education Section (Ireland)
TESThe Eminem Show (album)
TESTotal Element Score (skating)
TESThreatened and Endangered Species
TESTerminal Emulation Service
TESTrusted End System
TESTomahawk Elementary School (Virginia)
TESTransactions Electroniques Sécurisées (French: Secure Electronic Transactions)
TESTropospheric Emission Spectrometer
TESThe Event Source (various locations)
TESTransition-Edge Sensor
TESTechnologies for E-Services (International Workshop)
TESThe Employment Solution (staffing company; Canada)
TESN-Tris(Hydroxymethyl)methyl-2-Amino-Ethanesulfonic Acid
TESThe Eulenspiegel Society (New York, NY)
TESTactical Engagement Simulation
TESTechnology-Enabled Selling
TESTactical Exploitation System (Army)
TESTherapeutic Electrical Stimulation
TESTraffic Engineering Section (various locations)
TESTest for Espionage and Sabotage (polygraph testing)
TESTranscutaneous Electrical Stimulation
TESTanaka Electronics Singapore (various locations)
TESTanzania Environmental Society (Tanzania)
TESTactical Engagement System (Army)
TESTransportable Earth Station
TESTalent Elementary School (Oregon)
TESTubular Exhaust System (Edelbrock)
TESTraveller Education Services (UK)
TESTotal Entertainment System
TESTechnical Enquiry Service (various organizations)
TESTelephony Earth Station
TESTactical Event System
TESTechnical Enforcement Support
TESTokyo Electron Shanghai Ltd. (Japan and China)
TESTailor Engineering Services (Jacksonville, FL)
TESTransfer Evaluation System (for US colleges)
TESTheater Event System
TESTest & Evaluation Squadron
TESTableau d'Entrées-Sorties (French: Input-Output Table; accounting tool)
TESTime Entry System
TESTactical Electronic Sniper (paintball)
TESTotal Elastic Suspension
TESTactical Electronic Surveillance
TESThermoplastic Styrenic Elastomer
TESTelecommunication Equipment Safety
TESToxicologie, Environnement, Santé (French: Toxicology, Environment, Health)
TESTactical Engineering Support
TESToken Exchange System
TESTelephone Emergency Services (support hotlines)
TESTE Systems, Inc.
TESTimonium Elementary School (Timonium, MD)
TESTechnical Enforcement Services
TESTest Execution Software
TESTrans European Banking Services
TESTerminal Earth Station
TESTest & Evaluation Strategy
TESTool Envy Syndrome (fictional condition)
TESThumb Educational Services (Michigan)
TESTechnology Development and continuing through System Development and Demonstration into Production and Deployment (an early T&E planning document)
TESTraining Evaluation Summary
TESTertiary Eocene Strata (geology)
TESTugboat Enthusiasts Society of the Americas (Ipswich, MA)
TESTradewinds Engine Services, LLC
TESTeacher Educational Supplement (resource; Ireland)
TESTransient Electromagnetic Scattering
TESTactical EMIO (Expanded Maritime Interception Operations) System
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The images have up to 300 times higher resolution than a similar thermal emission spectrometer on the Global Surveyor.
The crafts thermal emission spectrometer is expected to examine the composition of the Martian surface; it is already providing data on the temperature of the atmosphere during aerobraking.
Thermal Emission Spectrometer observations from the orbiting Mars Global Surveyor had spotted hematite, a mineral known on Earth to form in water, and had seen that it was distinct from other minerals found in the region.
Though NASA's Mars Observer can't search for fossils, it does carry a thermal emission spectrometer that can detect silica-rich mineral deposits just a few kilometers wide, Des Marais says (SN: 9/19/92, p.
Scientists will rely on Spirit's cameras and Miniature Thermal Emission Spectrometer (Mini-TES) to select the most interesting specimens.
Another detector, the thermal emission spectrometer, will examine infrared emissions from the surface to determine its mineral content and the layering of ice and dust.
Using data from the Thermal Emission Spectrometer (TES) aboard NASA's Mars Global Surveyor orbiter, Roger N.
Further investigations will be made using other MGS instruments including the Thermal Emission Spectrometer (TES).
Next to the camera on Mars Global Surveyor's science platform is the Thermal Emission Spectrometer (TES), an infrared detector that can monitor Mars in about 150 narrow-wavelength bands from 6.
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