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14) When Hydaspes orders Theagenes to hand over Charicleia to Charicles, the young Thessalian responds, "It is not the man who committed the crime (.
The description ends with an account of how the procession of fifty Thessalian cavalry and two choruses of maidens wind their way around the tomb of Neoptolemos, after which a hecatomb of cattle, sheep and goats is sacrificed, a libation is offered to the hero by Charikles, and the sacrificial fire is lit by Theagenes with the torch presented to him by Charikleia, the acolyte of Artemis (3.
Redundant are thy locks, thy lips as fair As when their breath enriched Thessalian air.
The symposium's guests, who include a Thessalian horse-trainer and a soldier, show that the nonelite symposium was not unknown in Hellenistic times.
Thessalian witches, it was said, would regularly make threats against the cosmos: If the gods didn't do their bidding, they would blot out the sun and pluck the moon from the sky as if they were poking an eye out of its socket.
There in the regions of darkness the hero Protesilaus could not be unmindful of his sweet wife, but, desirous to reach his joy with false hands, the Thessalian came to his ancient home a shade.
48) For if Tamburlaine's "volleys of shot, bullets dipped in poison [and] roaring cannons" are a scourge, that is because they work, as he boasts, like a pharmakon, "as baneful / As Thessalian drugs or mithridate" (T1, 5.
The Aethiopica tells the story of an Ethiopian princess and a Thessalian prince who undergo a series of perils (battles, voyages, piracy, abductions, robbery, and torture) before their eventual happy marriage in the heroine's homeland.
3) Socrates responds to the young Thessalian nobleman as he believes an Athenian would, or should, respond to such a question: "You must think I am very fortunate to know how virtue is acquired.
compeers roamed the Etrurian and Thessalian hills, or with Humboldt
The Cave of the Nymphs at Pharsalus: Studies on a Thessalian Country Shrine
Achilles depicts her acting the role of Thessalian witch.