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TWWPTowarzystwo Wolnej Wszechnicy Polskiej (Polish: Polish Society of the Free University; Warsaw, Poland)
TWWPThose Who Wield Power (online gaming)
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Unfortunately the traditional 'thana' culture still prevails and a redressal of citizens' grievances has no priority with those who wield power.
In a familiar story, those who wield power make decisions that have significant repercussions for others.
Those who wield power and influence have intelligence, drive and all that stuff aplenty, but sadly no inherent wisdom, hence the mess the world is in.
Before one can have the freedom to express ideas in open debate, however, one must have freedom of conscience: the right to arrive at one's private beliefs, without being coerced into an artificial unity by those who wield power over him/her.
But the philosophic heart of the matter would be the shattering of the materialist worldview of physics and subsequent implications to those who wield power in the First World.
The basic freedoms of civil society, after all-free speech, a free press providing access to in, formation, fair elections, freedom to organize in groups--are the best ways of holding those who wield power accountable.