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TTBThru the Bible
TTBTwin Traction Beam (Ford automobile suspension)
TTBtransportation terminal battalion (US DoD)
TTBTransportation Terminal Brigade
TTBTransform the Business
TTBTürk Tabipleri Birliði (Turkish)
TTBTread the Boards (theater group; UK)
TTBTelephone Terminal Board
TTBTechno-Talking Babe
TTBThe Tanooki Board (forum)
TTBThermal Test Bed
TTBTime-Tagged Buffer
TTBTactical Training Bundle
TTBTactical Transition Broker
TTBTransport de Troupe Blindé (French: Armoured Troup Carrier)
TTBTartar Technical Bulletin
TTBTomahawk Technical Bulletin
TTBTanunda Town Band
TTBTennis de Table de Biron (French: Biron Table Tennis; Biron, France)
TTBTedeschi Trucks Band
TTBTeaching the Bible (course)
TTBTelegraphic Transfer Buying (currency exchange rate)
TTBTibet Tourism Bureau (China)
TTBTanzania Tourist Board
TTBAlcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (US Department of the Treasury)
TTBTenor I, Tenor II and Baritone/Bass (choral music)
TTBThrough Truss Bridge (engineering)
TTBTest Tube Baby
TTBThat's Too Bad
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Although the screening procedure has been virtually ignored in the United States as a topic of investigation, it has been known for some time that material numbers of respondents who fail to screen-in would qualify as recent-reading or through-the-book measured readers had the question been asked (Lysaker, 1981; Tennstadt and Hansen, 1981; Wilson, 1981; Meier and Cornish, 1983; Vorster, 1985; Cornish, 1988).
Validating the Recency and Through-the-Book Techniques.
Considerable industry attention has focused on the relative merits of the Recent-Reading and Through-the-Book methods.
Based on data contained in the 1980 ARF Comparability Study [ARF, 1980, 1981], he showed a very strong relationship between screen-in rates and readership levels, for both Recent-Reading and Through-the-Book.