TICONTight Control
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Virapan Pulges, Managing Director of TICON, disclosed that the 'TGROWTH' investment will be divided into 2 parts, namely: Initial Investment Part 1 - The fund will issue investment units through IPO process in order to invest in leasehold rights in the land and 38 units of factory of TICON, for the period of 30 years, and leasehold rights of the land and 50 units of warehouse of TICON Logistics Park Company Limited (TPARK), for the period of 30 years; and Initial Investment Part 2 - The fund will make the investment in leasehold rights of the land and another 2 units of factory of TICON for the period of 30 years, to be funded by loans from commercial banks.
I believe that TGROWTH, with a mixture of factory buildings and warehouse buildings and strong cooperation from TICON and TPARK as property managers having more than 20 years of experience in developing factory and warehouse for rent in Thailand, will draw strong interest from investors.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-1 July 2004-NCC Construction AS and Ticon Eiendom AS plan major housing project in Norway(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
The agreement, signed with Ticon Eiendom AS, covers the planning and construction of 430 residential units with an adjacent small boats harbour with berths for 230 boats.
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