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With his Socialist views - which reflected his own beliefs - and broad Scouse accent, he regularly goaded his bigoted father-in-law, Alf Garnett, in the 1960s sitcom, Till Death Us Do Part.
But decades before, he was better known to television viewers as "Scouse git" Mike, the long-haired left-wing son-in-law of right-wing cockney Alf Garnett in Till Death Us Do Part.
He lashed censorship of Alf Garnett's racist jokes in the new Till Death Us Do Part and innuendos in Are You Being Served, tweeting: "Alf 's not PC, Mrs Slocombe's pussy gags not PC.
The first images from the TV remakes of Till Death Us Do Part,
Stubbs was familiar to millions as Rita Rawlins in 1960s and 70s show Till Death Us Do Part and in Worzel Gummidge, which ran from 1979 to 1981.
Till Death Us Do Part ran on the BBC for seven series between 1965-1975, and its writer, the late Johnny Speight, often had to remind people that Garnett was a satirical character.
ALF BAKED Warren Mitchell in familiar pose as theWest Ham loving bigot AS Alf Garnett would have said, it stands to reason that Till Death Us Do Part was never going to want for an audience.
In Till Death Us Do Part, what we saw was rabid paranoia about the loss of the greatness that was this country," he said.
A statement from the Till Death Us Do Part actor's family said: "Sadly we can confirm Warren Mitchell died in the early hours of Saturday November 14 surrounded by his family.
Take for example some of the references to `coons' by Alf Garnett, Warren Mitchell's racist, royalist, unionist character in Till Death Us Do Part.