TISOTactical Information Systems Operation
TISOTroop Issue Subsistence Officer
TISOThreat Integration Staff Officer
TISOTwo-Input Single-Output
TISOTRADOC Integration Staff Officer
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Christo Bosman, chief engineer of Tiso Blackstar television said, "NVerzion's automation and video servers have already proven to be incredibly reliable and are saving capital and operating expenses, while still allowing us to deliver high quality television to South Africa.
Tiso has a Master of Divinity degree from Harvard and a Doctorate from Columbia University and the Union Theological Seminary.
This is a political biography of Jozef Tiso (1887-1947), a Roman Catholic priest and theologian, co-founder of the Slovak People's Party, and president of the 1939-45 Slovak Republic.
At the same time, slovak nationalists called for the rehabilitation of the World War II fascist Tiso regime.
za national-scale issuer rating on upgrade review, following the finalisation of its merger with Tiso Group (Proprietary) Ltd.
The movie includes what the film's one-sheet calls a "controversial" interview with Catholic priest Father Tiso, discussing the Rainbow Body and sacred sex.
Upon coming to power, Tiso stated that he looked forward to the day when "Jewishness is finally excluded from our national life, since it has always been a corrupting element in Slovakia and the most important vehicle of Marxist and liberalistic ideas.
The French Consul in Kurdistan Region Fredrick Tiso announced that wife of the Late French President FranE*ois Mitterrand wife, Danielle Mitterrand will visit Kurdistan Region during the next week due to an invitation by the president of KR Masoud Barzani.
We recently bought the building with Tiso and Triple S on the other side of the street for pounds 4.
The war situation in the summer of 1944 exacerbated these tensions and presented an opportunity for the Slovak opposition to stage an uprising against their puppet government, under Monsignor Jozef Tiso and thereby, the power of Nazi Germany.
Tiso said one result of the dialogue initiated by the U.
CAMPING is the perfect way to forget your worries - and this summer the Scottish Mirror and Tiso are making it even easier for you to escape.