TKAMTo Kill A Mockingbird
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While such cases led earlier Indo-Europeanists to speculate that a lost "interdental" series should be reconstructed for the ancestral language, it has since become widely accepted that such cases are better traced back to Indo-European tautosyllabic sequences of *dental + *palatal/*postpalatal--this is seen most clearly in Anatolian and Tocharian A, where as reflexes of the term meaning `earth' we find tekan and tkam, respectively, as the cognates to Greek khthon-and Sanskrit ksam-(< IE *dhgh(e/o)m-).
An uprooted Southerner once told me that TKAM was the Southern novel for people who hate the South, but I don't think so.
On written evaluations from our 100 students, students most commonly cited the TKAM trial and the community action projects to be the most interesting and intriguing during the school year.