TKAMTo Kill A Mockingbird
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1 TPB - Peter Falk narrates 1987 movie as a granddad 2 TKAM - Gregory Peck 1962 drama movie 3 SCOM - Guns 'n' Roses' sugary kid 4 JJF - Stones leaping about 5 TMFU - Vaughn and McCallum work for fictitious secret law- enforcement agency TITLE TEASER Solve the clues and rearrange the words to find the Channel 4 animation by Alex Scarfe.
While such cases led earlier Indo-Europeanists to speculate that a lost "interdental" series should be reconstructed for the ancestral language, it has since become widely accepted that such cases are better traced back to Indo-European tautosyllabic sequences of *dental + *palatal/*postpalatal--this is seen most clearly in Anatolian and Tocharian A, where as reflexes of the term meaning `earth' we find tekan and tkam, respectively, as the cognates to Greek khthon-and Sanskrit ksam-(< IE *dhgh(e/o)m-).
An uprooted Southerner once told me that TKAM was the Southern novel for people who hate the South, but I don't think so.