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ToMETales of Middle Earth (game; aka Troubles of Middle Earth)
TOMETheatre of the Mind Enterprises (game publisher)
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My first act was to hunt up Perry; whom I found poring as usual over the great tomes that he was supposed to be merely dusting and rearranging upon new shelves.
The high, bulging shelves of heavy tomes humbled him and at the same time stimulated him.
He said things that no doctor should say to another, but which a politician may well say, and has often said, to another politician--things which cannot bear repeating, if, for no other reason, because they are too humiliating and too little conducive to pride for the average American citizen to know; things of the inside, secret governments of imperial municipalities which the average American citizen, voting free as a king at the polls, fondly thinks he manages; things which are, on rare occasion, partly unburied and promptly reburied in the tomes of reports of Lexow Committees and Federal Commissions.
Tomes, who has specially studied this family, that many of the same species have enormous ranges, and are found on continents and on far distant islands.
When, disguised as Sinbad, the shape-shifting witch makes off with the tome, Proteus bets his own life that the real Sinbad will sail to Eris' edge-of-the-world lair and bring it back.
Tome also said the company recently "rationalized SKUs" in its offering of ceiling fans and overhead lighting.
Among the most interesting is Tome Immaculate Conception Church and Museum, known as the Tome Catholic Church, with a history exhibit and hand-carved wood saints.
It was like those old tomes on the shelves in the library.
For nearly four months, the ships and their cargo have been wrongfully detained by the SEuo Tome authorities.
Darren Tome Anyone with information can call the Warwickshire Police control room on 01926 415000 or 101.
Hopes were high that exploration efforts could begin soon after the JDZ was created, but a combination of political problems in Sao Tome and contractual difficulties held up the process for some time.