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TOBINTrans Oceanic Binary Information Network (marine biology computer network)
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Ye never know what Tobin has in his mind until he begins to carry it out.
Twas the nine-thirty boat, and we landed and walked up-town through Twenty-second Street, Tobin being without his hat.
Tobin saw it at the same time, and I heard him breathe hard like a horse when you take the saddle off.
Would ye hand us your name," asks Tobin, "and let us look at the size of it?
By the two signs," answers Tobin, trying to explain, "which ye display according to the reading of the Egyptian palmist from the sole of me hand, ye've been nominated to offset with good luck the lines of trouble leading to the nigger man and the blonde lady with her feet crossed in the boat, besides the financial loss of a dollar sixty-five, all so far fulfilled according to Hoyle.
But Tobin sticks close to one side of him and me at the other.
Then he claps me and Tobin on the backs of us and takes us by an arm apiece.
So saying, he marched me and Tobin to the back room of a saloon, and ordered the drinks, and laid the money on the table.
Ye will put me in a book," says Tobin, disgusted; "will ye put me in a book?
The talk of ye," says Tobin, blowing through his moustache and pounding the table with his fist, "is an eyesore to me patience.
So, the man of literature makes good, to my notion, for he pays, cheerful, for everything, the capital of me and Tobin being exhausted by prediction.
And then the man says he must be going home, and invites me and Tobin to walk that way.