ToIPTelephony Over Internet Protocol (ARRIS)
ToIPText Over Internet Protocol
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ONT aggregates traffic incoming from different end devices (PCs, laptops, ToIP phones, servers, etc.
Annatel's ToIP services are available in various packages starting at EUR9.
Restructuring and renovation of telecommunication systems and associated services (lots 1-8) - TOIP V4.
The Hosted ToIP Solution consists of three key elements: PacketCable-based VoIP call management and networking, PacketCable/DOCSIS(TM) 1.
A comprehensive service offer to answer all the telecom needs of Enterprises, exclusively distributed via B3G Telecom's distribution partners: PBX and data integrators, ToIP specialists, etc.
Contract notice: Maintenance of the toip infrastructure meteo-france in france.
VTR has enjoyed great success with our Cornerstone(R) Voice products and the Cadant C4 CMTS will enable them to take the next step to ToIP while, at the same time, providing them the ability to offer tiered data service to their high-speed customers.
Contract notice: Evolution, supply, maintenance and associated services of telephone installations and digital toip.
Deploying VoIP and ToIP (telecommunications over IP) services
through its IP Telephony product line, specializes in ToIP (Telephony over Internet Protocol) solutions.
This contract for the provision of administrative services and fixed telephony services associated with emergency and PBX infrastructure-related services, related services, providing ToIP equipment, terminals and services of MCO.
Levels of outsourcing services 3 and 4 and benefits of driver assistance systems for the ToIP telephony infrastructure:Range: between 35 000 and 40 000 per year beyond the first year - currency: EUR HT.