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TOKTheory Of Knowledge
TOKTransfer of Knowledge (intellectual property)
TOKTouch of Klass (band)
TOKTested Ok
TOKTürk Otomatik Kontrol (Turkish: Turkish National Committee of Automatic Control)
TOKTechnisch Ontwikkelings Krediet (Dutch: Technical Development Credit)
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But ask anyone who knew Tok and they will tell you that for him the noblest calling of all was service in the cause of the community.
But pointing out China as an adversary will make this frontline more clear, forcing uninvolved countries to join one side or another, Tok noted.
Standing at 3ft and weighing 7st, Tok - the name means peaceful crossing in Alaska - packs the power of a wolf too.
Dr Tok noted, "As the number of women entrepreneurs has been increasing around the world, their contributions to economic growth and to addressing various social and economic problems have been gaining ascendance.
DMS that collected from Lumut (Perak) , Marina (Melaka) and Tok Bali (Kelantan) was used to investigate the physico-chemical properties of DMS.
Tok further elaborates, “R&D scientists and engineers, trained regulatory and medical affairs, quality control, project engineers and manufacturing professionals in the upstream or higher value sectors, along with skilled sales and marketing business managers are some of the hot positions that our clients are seeking to fill now.
Fombul Tok opens with dramatic culmination of at least a three-month process: a woman stands near a large bonfire with her Kailahun district neighbors gathered around.
Profiling a wide range of topics over the years, Tok Blong Pasifik is not unbiased nor does it pretend to be so.
But he flimsy setting treat that any Tok will recog
The debate hinges on similarities between Ke$ha's debut Tik Tok and Uffie's Justice 2007 collaboration Tthhee Ppaarrttyy.
The family-owned business has started fitting CCTV, alarms and other security devices to customers including the Tik Tok Nursery in Felling, Gateshead, as it works to take its revenues as close as it can to last year's pounds 50m.
The woman, who is called Tok Wook, fondly confessed her insecurity and said she was looking for a new hubby to fill her 'forlornness and nothing more than that'.