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TOKTheory Of Knowledge
TOKTransfer of Knowledge (intellectual property)
TOKTouch of Klass (band)
TOKTested Ok
TOKTürk Otomatik Kontrol (Turkish: Turkish National Committee of Automatic Control)
TOKTechnisch Ontwikkelings Krediet (Dutch: Technical Development Credit)
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DMS that collected from Lumut (Perak) , Marina (Melaka) and Tok Bali (Kelantan) was used to investigate the physico-chemical properties of DMS.
Tok further elaborates, “R&D scientists and engineers, trained regulatory and medical affairs, quality control, project engineers and manufacturing professionals in the upstream or higher value sectors, along with skilled sales and marketing business managers are some of the hot positions that our clients are seeking to fill now.
We learn that Fombul Tok tailors reconciliation, through preparation and follow-up, for each situation.
Times change and the magazine format may change, but Tok Blong Pasifik will continue to exist as a respected education and advocacy tool to inform readers about events and issues in the Pacific Islands.
Phoenix in Ashington and, right, sisters Rebecca and Abby Stobbard at the pool ACTIVE: Harrison Stafford from Tik Tok Nursery; Michael Clemitson and son Joshua, six, and Michael's partner Lindsay
TIK FOLLOWS TOK: Top dance act Tik and Tok said in October 1983 that the robotic dance style that they had devised was on its way out.
The editor of TOK got it right when she focused on the "new Toronto" in this collection of short fiction and poetry.
DJ TRASHA and Shelblack tha Shoota met up with Craig T, Flexx, Bay C, and Alex from Jamaican superstar dancehall group TOK at the downtown Los Angeles video reshoot for their new single Footprints.
Fairbanks and Tok were operated in spring and autumn, and Yakutat and Mother Goose Lake were operated only in the autumn.
And if you like to be challenged, I-san's spicy salads - cold meets hot - can be nicely refreshing, like the hearty nam tok ($8.
Tokyo, Japan, Jan 23, 2006 - (JCN) - Tokyo Ohka Kogyo (TOK) announced on January 23 that it will expand the LCD material lineup of Chang Chun TOK (Changshu), a joint venture it established with Changchun Petrochemical of Taiwan in October 2004.
Darrell Tryon and Jean-Michel Charpentier's new volume on Pacific pidgins and creoles provides the interested reader with a comprehensive overview of the complex and fascinating history of English-based pidgins in the Pacific, especially with respect to Tok Pisin, Solomon Islands Pijin, and Bislama.