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TORRTake-Off Run Required
TorrTorricelli (unit of pressure equal to 1/760 atmosphere)
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Torr then finished off the assault by punching the wounded man several more times before he managed to run away.
Buy-out team: Daniel Keane, Keelys, Jason Tullah and Richard Torr, EBS, and Andy Morris, Dains
As a clinical guide, failure to achieve a PaO2 of 60 torr or less while breathing room air constitutes hypoxemic respiratory failure.
Torr was awaiting more information and the certification when Presstek announced that it would be discontinuing its analog operations.
Four different pressures, starting from 60 Torr to the atmospheric pressure, and two different reactor air temperatures of 130[degrees]C and 420[degrees]C, are considered.
As he approached the counter, Stuart Torr of South Pasadena said he was just about to turn the winning ticket in, then added that if he had won, ``I wouldn't be standing around here.
This rambling trip takes us from New York's famed Club Casanova to London's community of self-described "new men" and back again, introducing us to the film's main subjects--noted drag king photographer Del LaGrace Volcano, Berlin performance artist Bridge Markland, and New York drag kings Dred Gerestant, Diane Torr, Storme Webber, and Mo B.
The 23-year-old beat Essex ace Janice Torr 7-6 (8-6) 6-2 to scoop the pounds 525 first prize at Ilkley.
Torpenhow, Cumberland: The name contains the elements tort, `hill', pen, `hill' (Welsh pen), and Old English hoh, `ridge, spur of land' or else torr and Old Welsh pennou, the plural of pen, or torr and a name identical with Pinhoe, Devonshire.
The scroll vacuum pump is capable of 1 torr vacuum and has a displacement of 3.
EARTH's RPA & TORR patented technology is unique because of the following:
Young trumpet players are at greatest risk for injury to oral and cervical tissues when they generate peak respiratory pressures averaging 151 ([pm]19) torr.