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TORRTake-Off Run Required
TorrTorricelli (unit of pressure equal to 1/760 atmosphere)
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Torr then finished off the assault by punching the wounded man several more times before he managed to run away.
In the event, there was no torr on offer (nor, fortunately, ghair).
Party classes on the history of the British labour movement were run at Marx House in London by Dona Torr and others, and Torr's booklet on Mann was ideal as a teaching aid for such classes.
Buy-out team: Daniel Keane, Keelys, Jason Tullah and Richard Torr, EBS, and Andy Morris, Dains
As a clinical guide, failure to achieve a PaO2 of 60 torr or less while breathing room air constitutes hypoxemic respiratory failure.
The best man was Andrew Longo, the bridesmaids were Katie Wright and Catherine Torr and the pageboy was Luca Longo.
The plant restarted digital operations within a week, but the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection would not let the company use the chemical tank needed for its analog plates operation until Presstek completed investigations into the cause of the spill and certified that the tank was "structurally sound," Eva Torr, a DEP spokesperson, told NHBR Daily earlier this month.
2] greater than 53 torr during sleep and/or greater than 50 torr during more than 10% of sleep.
Four different pressures, starting from 60 Torr to the atmospheric pressure, and two different reactor air temperatures of 130[degrees]C and 420[degrees]C, are considered.
Results: Eastbourne Inter-County Grass Court Championships: Group One: Women's Event: (Warwickshire names first): C Lyte and H Grady beat M Wainwright and J Torr 6-2 6-0, beat S Cockell and C Janes 6-2 6-2, beat V Simpson and G Wyre 6-3 6-0 L Ogan and L Cowper beat Wainwright and Torr 6-2 6-2, beat Cockell and Janes 6-2 6-1, beat Simpson and Wyre 6-1 6-1, J Jackson and L Latimer beat Wainwright and Torr 6-4 6-3, beat Cockell and Janes 1-6 6-4 6-3, beat Simpson and Wyre 6-2 6-1.
As he approached the counter, Stuart Torr of South Pasadena said he was just about to turn the winning ticket in, then added that if he had won, ``I wouldn't be standing around here.
Half the atmosphere is below 18,000 feet, and the pressure there is still about 380 torr (mm of mercury).