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TANTotal Acid Number
TANTough as Nails
TANTransaktionsnummer (German: Transaction Number)
TANTooth and Nail (record company)
TANThunderbirds Are Now (band)
TANTransaction Number
TANTotal Area Network
TANTest Area North
TANThe Assimilated Negro (blog)
TANTerrain Aided Navigation
TANTax Anticipation Note(s)
TANTotal Ammonia Nitrogen
TANTotal Access Networks, Inc.
TANThe Anime Network
TANThe American Nurse
TANTasso Annuale (Italian)
TANTax Account Number
TANTranslocation-Associated Notch
TANTiny Area Network
TANTransaction Authorization Number (banking)
TANTraction Avant Nederland (Dutch automobile club)
TANTexas Association of Nurserymen
TANTape Area Network
TANTremor Action Network (Pleasanton, CA)
TANTreatment Authorization Number (healthcare billing)
TANTechnical Application Note
TANTable Area Network
TANTemporary Authorization Number (password with expiration date)
TANTactical Area Network
TANTrunk Appearance Number
TANTransportation Advisory Notice
TANTeletype Alert Network
TANTest Advisory Notice
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For transformer base oils the most important properties are color [14], water content [15], dielectric dissipation factor (DDF) [16] and total acid number (TAN) [17].
Total acidity also called total acid number (TAN) refers as a guide in the quality control of oil and also as a measure of transformer oil degradation [22].
The liquid phase in the sealed tubes was analyzed for Total Acid Number (TAN), by Ion Chromatography (IC), and High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to identify and/or measure the concentration of remaining process chemicals and/or decomposition products.
HFC = Hydrofluorocarbon HPLC = High Performance Liquid Chromatography IC = Ion Chomatography ICP = Inductively Coupled Plasma POE = Polyolester POENP Ether = Polyoxyethylene Nonylphenyl Ether TAN = Total Acid Number TEA = Triethanolamine TOA = Total Organic Acid
NOMENCLATURE HFC = Hydrofluorocarbon HPLC = High Performance Liquid Chromatography IC = Ion Chomatography ICP = Inductively Coupled Plasma PAG = Polyalkylene Glycol POE = Polyolester TAN = Total Acid Number TOA = Total Organic Acid
Using the total acid number obtained from the potentiometric titration, free fatty acid content may be determined using AOCS Method Ca 5a-40, Free Fatty Acids.
Because Pima's fuel contains hydrogen sulfide, over time the TBN falls and the TAN goes up, so the oil must start with an above-normal total base number to offset or neutralize the total acid number.
The compact instrument provides direct, immediate measurement of water, total acid number (TAN), oxidation, glycol, total base number (TBN) and other parameters via Spectro's patented Direct Infrared Spectroscopy (DIR) technology.
When a new synthetic lubricant is installed, the total acid number (TAN) will be 0.
apparatus for measuring the total acid number (tan) and the tbn;
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