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TCOPTurbo Decode Co-Processor
TCOPTotal Cost of Ownership Program
TCOPTactical Common Operating Picture (various organizations)
TCOPTent Combat One Person
TCOPTotal Cost of Print (Lexmark International, Inc.)
TCOPTechnology Cop (India)
TCOPTower Club of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)
TCOPTechnical Cooperation Program
TCOPTest and Checkout Plan
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The five colour A3 multifunctional devices enhance productivity through intelligent document workflows and an intuitive user experience and help to address the total cost of print across a business.
As per Canon Middle East: "Research shows that 90 percentof the total cost of print and documents is actually related to print management and administration
Fixed array technology enables a new threshold for the total cost of print, total thruput, and ease of operation.
Early trials suggest the total cost of print could be reduced up to 20 percent by switching from solvent-based to water-based ink.
The quota of free downloads is based on a percentage of the total cost of print subscriptions.
Charging according to total cost of print subscriptions is the purest adaptation of Marx's dictum.
In packaging, the opportunity is there for new technologies, while publication must be focused on total cost of print, such as the ability to save paper and time.
It is interesting that some ink companies have been able to succeed in focusing attention on the value of their ink as it relates to the total cost of print.
The benefits are found in speed and productivity, flexibility, high print quality and total cost of print with UV flexo, which is more cost effective.
What makes a difference on their bottom line is the total cost of print.