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We assessed the concentrations and loads of N in our study rivers and streams using total dissolved nitrogen (TDN) data, which includes N[O.
Basin, rivers and runoff and dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN), dissolved organic nitrogen (DON), total dissolved nitrogen (TDN) median values of the sampling sites.
Alvarez-Salgado XA, Miller AEJ (1998) Simultaneous determination of dissolved organic carbon and total dissolved nitrogen in seawater by high temperature catalytic oxidation: conditions for precise shipboard measurements.
Maita Y, Yanada M (1990) Vertical distribution of total dissolved nitrogen and dissolved organic nitrogen in seawater.
To obtain a yearly loading rate, we multiplied the average concentrations of total dissolved nitrogen in the groundwater by an estimation of annual recharge to the receiving water (45% of total precipitation).
The nitrogen loading rate was calibrated based on total dissolved nitrogen (DIN) at shore edge, rate of water recharge, and total area of the estuary.
Childs River ammonium flux is about 23% of the total dissolved nitrogen input (670 mg N/[m.
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