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Knowing the total dynamic head will help you select an appropriately rated pump for the flow rate that you require.
Water then had to be pumped from the Jordan Valley to Amman over a 1350 meters total dynamic head and a 40-Km distance, and to Irbid over a 550 meters head and 30 Km distance.
Driven by a 1 1/2-HP, 3,600-RPM motor, the pump performed perfectly for 20 years, driving the corrosive wastewater at 25 gpm against a 40-ft total dynamic head.
hr discharge rate against,100 meters Total Dynamic Head (TDH) at 77% minimum efficiency,closely coupled to a suitable NEMA standard,open stator, water filled,rewindable submersible electric motor, 460 volts, 3 phase
This figure is for a 1,000 gpm (63 L/s) pump with a design total dynamic head of 100 ft (299 kPa).
To select the right pump, you need to know the total dynamic head and the flow rate.
How many of your employees can determine total dynamic head in a hydraulic system?
diameter HDPE pipeline carries drinking water to the reverse osmosis plant from four 250-hp vertical turbine wells that pump 1,000 gpm with 400 ft of total dynamic head.
The VFD DV-400 has the capability to produce flow rates up to 13,000 gpm with 130 feet of total dynamic head and can be designed to simultaneously run two slave pumps.
To achieve peak pumping capacity for the design year, the consultants advised installing larger pumps and an additional, or fourth, pump, each to have a rated capacity of about 40,000 gpm at a 65-ft total dynamic head.
Reducing the total dynamic head against which the pump must work will reduce energy consumption.
An essential port; of any bypass pumping system, the DV-400 has the ability to produce flow rates up to 16,000 gpm with 200 feet of total dynamic head, This fuel efficient, 10w emission pump is powered with a John Deere tier 2 engine making this pump package cost effective and environmentally friendly.
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