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TOXToronto XML (Extensible Markup Language; Toronto, Canada)
TOXToxxulia Forest (Everquest)
TOXTotal Organic Halides
TOXThermal Oxide
TOXTotal Organic Halogens
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Waterhouse said, "This marketing clearance for Rapid TOX Cup II will enable us to further penetrate clinical markets and is also expected to positively impact our current relationship with our laboratory alliance.
Because of the theoretical possibility that NTTB stains and non-toxin gene-bearing strains could gain functional toxin expression by spontaneous mutation reversion or homologous recombination between different corynebacteriophages, these strains should be considered tox gene reservoirs (9).
Following the TOX Portfolio review of the pertinent information, guidance is issued in the form of a TC memorandum regarding the safe use of the proposed material.
The patient was given Rhus tox LM 1 in a daily dose.
Analytik Jena AG's Elemental Analyzer multi EA 3000 tests for TOX in aqueous samples.
The TOX system can replace spot welding, riveting, bolting, self-piercing fasteners, and brazing in many applications.
The Company's Rapid TOX Cup II and InCup product lines are well received in the Company's core markets of workplace and government.
The Tox Ambassador--a scientist visiting from a nearby university--squeezes several drops of blue dye into three different-sized beakers of water.
Daphne Talbot, 45, an administrator, tried the Beauty Tox System, pounds 350 for three salon treatments, and used Beauty Tox Fast Reponse Fluid, pounds 75, and Beauty Tox Fast Response Cream, pounds 85, at home.
A comprehensive range of sheet metal joining machines that are energy-efficient, accurate and particularly suitable for coated/painted and dissimilar materials is available from TOX Presssotechnik.
With the DirectSense TOX from GrayWolf Sensing Solutions, Trumbell, Conn.
After the medical waste firm was delisted in a privatization two years ago, it is now back on the radar as it has been bought by Tox Free Solutions.