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TPHTotal Petroleum Hydrocarbons
TPHThe Phone House (European telecommunications retailer)
TPHTons Per Hour
TPHThe Printing House
TPHThree Point Hitch (tractors)
TPHToilet Paper Holder
TPHTable-per-Hierarchy (computer science)
TPHTurbo Parallel Hybrid
TPHTheosophical Publishing House (Theosophical Society in America)
TPHThyrotropin-Releasing Hormone (biology)
TPHThermal Print Head
TPHTechnologiepark Herzogenrath (Germany)
TpHThe Priesthood (gaming clan)
TPHThermal Printing Head
TPHThe Protoman Homepage
TPHTempat Pemotongan Hewan (Indonesian: Slaughterhouse)
TPHThroughput per Hour
TPHThierry Prevost-Haberer (French electrical supply distributor)
TPHTranssphenoidal Hypophysectomy (resection of a pituitary)
TPHThe Premier Hotel (New York, NY)
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Eriez' HVF Low-Profile Mechanical Vibratory Feeders are available in nine models with capacities to 2,000 tph, with capacity based on sand weighing 1001b.
and is a bright spot in a world where governments all too often are going the wrong way in encouraging oil and gas investment and development," noted Maynard Holt, Co-President of TPH.
TPH conducted a VDOT pilot project with 13 patients in the fall of 2011.
It is considered possible that soil electrical conductivity could improve with more time allowed as TPH content would also be further reduced.
During the six-week strike, management and nonunion staff in the Healthy Environments section of TPH monitored, evaluated, and responded to public health concerns associated with the sites.
The original soil contamination was caused by an accidental spillage of transformer oil at an industrial site, leading to high levels of soil TPH (~18 000 kg/mg, Table 1).
The TPH value represents a mixture of compounds and can be obtained from one of several analytical methods, some of which have been used for decades and others developed more recently, namely, EPA 418.
The removal of TPH using MC as a substrate was monitored under three temperature conditions typically encountered during composting: 22[degrees]C; 30[degrees]C; and 50[degrees]C.
The acquisition of TpH Accountants was funded by Allied Irish Bank (GB)'s North Birmingham branch and continues Baldwins' long-standing relationship with the bank.
The romp leaves them three points behind Hutches, who edged FC Papa Shango 3-2, while We're Special inflicted another defeat on bottom side Athletico Pathetico 7-4, and Cardiff Rangers consolidated their position in mid-table with a 5-3 win over TPH Elite.
These are now available in batch sizes from 2 L to 25000L and continuous up to 250 TPH, to mix for example; RDB Low shear drum for Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, Spices, Muesli, Rice Flakes, Seeds Confectionery, Gelatine, Salts, Vegetables + spray coating applications.
The Series consists of 11 high-production models with capacities up to 1200 tph and feed sizes up to 16 inches.