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TracFin also has been increasingly focused on tax and social benefits fraud, closely collaborating with the Budget Ministry and social security organizations.
The information has to be provided to TracFin within 30 days following the month in which the payment was made.
TracFin has hired new officers, updated its investigative methods, and modernized its information systems, making compliance with the KYC rules easier for covered entities.
The AMF also has an obligation to report any suspicions to TracFin.
Information on the number of prosecutions and convictions in 2012 and 2013 is not available; however, TracFin has commented that the number of prosecutions in 2011 was low in comparison to the number of STRs submitted.
TracFin has hired new officers, updated its investigative methods, modernized its information system, and made more data available to the public online.
TRACFIN may exchange information with foreign counterparts that observe similar rules regarding reciprocity and confidentiality of information.
TRACFIN is responsible for analyzing suspicious transaction reports (STRs) filed by French financial institutions and nonfinancial professions.
TRACFIN received 10,842 STRs in 2004, 11,553 in 2005 and 12,047 in 2006.
First, a report must be filed with TRACFIN when the identity of the principal or beneficiary remains doubtful despite due diligence; there is no threshold limit for such reporting.
Since 2001, TRACFIN has referred 92 cases of suspected terrorist financing to the judicial authorities for prosecution.