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TAATotal (Active) Aircraft Authorization
TAATrade Adjustment Assistance
TAATrentino-Alto Adige (Italy; autonomous region)
TAATraining and Assessment
TAAThe American Academy (online education; Salt Lake City, UT)
TAATemporal Anti-Aliasing (graphics processing)
TAATax Administration Act (various locations)
TAATerapia Asistida con Animales (Spanish: Assisted Therapy with Animals)
TAAType Access Analyzer
TAATechnical Advisor Analyst
TAATime Account Adjustment
TAATerminal Arrival Area
TAATactical Airsoft Arena (Rockville, MD)
TAATactical Asset Allocation
TAATransitional Adjustment Assistance (NAFTA)
TAATexas Apartment Association
TAATumor-Associated Antigen
TAATeaching Assistants' Association (Wisconsin)
TAATrans Australia Airlines
TAATrans-Australia Airlines (defunct Australian airline)
TAATrade Agreement Act
TAATechnical Assistance Agreement
TAATotal Army Analysis
TAATactical Assembly Area
TAATake Appropriate Action
TAATurkish-American Association
TAATechnologically Advanced Aircraft
TAATurkish Aeronautical Association (est. 1925)
TAATicket Agents Association (UK; entertainment)
TAATaiwanese Association of America
TAAThai AirAsia
TAATanzania Airports Authority
TAATerminal Arrival Area (aviation)
TAAThomas Alleyne Academy (UK)
TAATeacher Achievement Award (various locations)
TAATribes Aerial Assault (gaming)
TAATransverse Aortic Arch
TAATexas Aquaculture Association
TAATallahassee Auto Auction (Tallahassee, FL)
TAATrans Atlantic Airlines
TAATest Automation Alliance
TAATechnical Approval Authority
TAATachyarrhythmia Absoluta (cardiology)
TAATaos Art Association (New Mexico, USA)
TAATactical Air Army
TAATelecom Agent Association
TAATarget Audience Analysis
TAATechnology Assistance Agreement
TAATrack Access Agreement (UK railways)
TAATyler Apartment Association (Tyler, TX)
TAATechnology Area Assessment
TAATarget Aspect Angle
TAATemporary Accumulation Area
TAATravel Agent Arbiter
TAATactical Army Automation
TAATerminal Advanced Automation
TAATeens Act for AIDS (est. 2005)
TAATechnical Application Architecture (Sprint)
TAATransit Advertising Association
TAATransmitting Antenna Array
TAATechnical Airworthiness Arrangements (Canada)
TAATurbine Alternator Assembly
TAATheater Area Army
TAATriaxial Angular Accelerometer
TAATactical Automation Appraisal
TAATaekwondo Antibes Academy (France)
TAATactical Aerospace Assessment
TAATelecommunications Associates of America
TAATeam Assignment Agreement
TAATanker Alert Area
TAATime And Attendence
TAATransfer Allowed Acknowledgement (SS7)
TAAThoracic Aortic Aneuryism
TAATraining Advisory Alert
TAATrack Acquisition Achieved
TAATotal Army Authorization
TAATaiwan Architects Association (Taiwan)
TAATechnological Advances in Aeronautics (conference)
TAAToshima-Ku Archery Association (est. 1953; Tokyo, Japan)
TAATransmission Ability of the Atmosphere (meteorology)
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The provisions of TAARA were extended by the Trade Adjustment Assistance Extension Act (TAAEA) of 2011.
Back in 1974, some of the industries most opposed to my ideas on Trade Adjustment Assistance--textiles and steel--felt that, if Trade Adjustment Assistance were more robust, that would undercut their case for import protectionism.
TAA bill (the Trade Adjustment Assistance Act of 2011) that found a
Several local companies qualified for benefits under the Trade Adjustment Assistance program.
Categories: Employment, Appropriated funds, Employee training, Employment, Employment assistance programs, Federal aid to states, Federal funds, Federal/state relations, Government grants, Grants, Grants to states, International trade, Manufacturing industry, On-the-job training, Trade Adjustment Assistance Program
Trade adjustment assistance programmes (including wage insurance) could be expanded to cover displaced workers more generally.
That means that although millions lost jobs or faced long-term unemployment last year, only about 150,000 workers received Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA).
Thanks to Erika Kinetz ["Trading Down," Briefings, July] for reporting on the sad reality of Trade Adjustment Assistance.
Patrick McHenry (R-NC), who represents the Lenoir area in Washington, DC, issued a press release noting he had successfully helped expedite the certification of a petition filed by the corporate office employees for Trade Adjustment Assistance from the U.
The second proposal--called WIA Plus--would give governors the option for unprecedented, broad waiver authority and allow for consolidation of a range of federal programs, including: Adult Education, Vocational Rehabilitation, Trade Adjustment Assistance, Food Stamps Employment and Training, and Veterans Employment.
workers via the Trade Adjustment Assistance program.