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TRAMEATRADOC Management Engineering Activity
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Progomphus, Tramea and Macrothemis are recorded predominantly in the streams (see Kikuchi & Uieda, 2005, FerreiraPeruquetti & De Marco, 2002), and exploit different microhabitats (Costa et al.
Footnote 2: The eyes in Tramea, Pantala and the Urothemistinae are greater than half head length, eyes in Rhyothemis and Tholymis are small and less than half head length.
calverti y Tramea cophysa Hagen, 1867 (Peck 1992; Esquivel 2006) podrian llegar a Malpelo.
taeniolata, Nasiaeschna pentacantha, Pachydiplax longipennis, Pantala flavescens, Perithemis tenera, Progomphus obscurus, Sympetrum vicinum, Tachopteryx thoreyi*, Tramea carolina, T.
sterilis, Miathyria simplex (Rambur, 1842), Tramea onusta Hagen, 1861 y Erythrodiplax umbrata (Linnaeus, 1758) presentaron relacion directa con la temperatura.
tandem flights, guarding behavior oviposition attempts, mating wheels, territoriality); examples include Celithemis eponina, Enallagma traviatum, Libellula incesta, Tramea carolina, and those listed above at the A.
Perithemis, Sympetrum, Tauriphila, Tholymis, Tramea, Uracis y Zenithoptera.
Anax, Aeshna, and Tramea species) are the primary predators of coexisting damselflies (McPeek 1990a, 1998).
obscurus eggs collected from adults and reared in the laboratory ranged from 8-12 days, which is longer than 5-7 day incubation time for the libellulid Tramea lacerata (Bick 1951).
1) Competitors (large bullfrogs) reduce resources and thereby induce an increase in foraging activity of the small tadpoles, which, in turn leads to increased predation by the odonate predator Tramea lacerata on the small tadpoles.
Giles (1998) has already mentioned the possibility of Trithemis pallidinervis (Kirby, 1889), Tramea basilaris (Beauvais, 1817) and Urothemis thomasi (Longfield 1932), which have been reported from northern Oman.
A single species, Tramea insularis, is largely restricted to the West Indies and may be only a vagrant in Costa Rica.