TRANSCOTransmission Company
TRANSCOTranscontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporation
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He explained that TransCo has a system when it comes to payment of FIT to RE project developers, and that makes the company's processes strategic and without any leeway for "political accommodation or giving favors to particular project sponsors.
The NGCP's letter, dated January 25, was in response to Cusi's January 23 letter seeking clarification if NGCP is willing to enter into a tripartite agreement with DICT and TransCo.
He said TransCo could be the local partner of the Chinese firm that would enter the country's telecommunication industry.
Allowing Transco to provide telecommunications services makes a lot of sense from the business and public interest points of view.
The Railbelt utilities have been working together for more than a year to determine the potential benefits of using a Transco in combination with a single "unified" or "independent" system operator (USO or ISO) to improve electric system service and reliability in their own service areas and across the Railbelt.
The project, estimated at $130 million, includes installation of additional horsepower at three Transco compressor facilities in addition to uprating Transco's Lower New York Bay Lateral and replacing 0.
Williams Companies increased the transportation capacity of Transco the biggest pipeline system in the U.
Transco were found guilty after a sixmonth trial in Edinburgh of breaching health and safety laws.
The Dalton Expansion Project is one of six large-volume projects Transco is pursuing to connect approximately 3.
2bn worth of Transco growth projects which Williams Partners plans to bring into service by 2017.
Siemens has been executing contracts with Transco since 1976.
Wolfgang Braun, the head of Siemens Power Transmission Middle East, said: "The award of Shamkha substation by Transco further strengthens our strong and long-standing ties with the company and demonstrates the faith the company places in Siemens to deliver challenging projects of high quality and on time.