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THThailand (TLD)
THTexas Hold 'Em (poker game)
THThreshold (value of relative length or relative area to determine SRC)
THTable Header (HTML Tag)
THTerre Haute (Indiana)
THTalking Heads (band)
THThe Hobbit (JRR Tolkien book)
THThyroid Hormone
THTalking Head (broadcasting)
THThierry Henry (soccer player)
THThanatos (Latin: Death, epigraphy)
THTee Hee
THTechnische Hochschule (German: University on Engineering)
THThrough Hole (soldering and electronic engineering machinery)
THTeen Help
THHelper T Cells
THThunderhill (Manitoba, Saskatchewan)
THTerritory of Hawaii (before Hawaii became a state)
THTekniska Högskolan (Helsinki University of Technology)
THTapped Horn (audio equipment)
ThTest Healthy
THTactile Hallucinations (psychiatric assessment)
THTails-Heads (possible outcome for flipping a coin twice)
THTerminal Homing
THTerminal Handler
THTelemetry Head
THTyrosine Hydrocylase
THTokio Hotel (German band)
THTim Horton
THTelegraph Herald (Dubuque, IA; newspaper)
THTotal Hardness (of water, aka: General Hardness)
THTransitional Housing (California)
THTony Hawk (skateboarder)
THTom Hanks (actor)
THToken Hire
THTommy Hilfiger
THTrail Head (hiking)
THTrojan Horse
THTrusted Host (informatics)
THTownhouse (real estate)
THTokyo Hotel (band)
THTrue Heading
THTom Hayden (politican)
THTree Hugger
THTyrosine Hydroxylase
THTomlinson-Harashima Precoding
THTrue High
THTime Horizon
THTrouble History
THTransport Helicopter
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Geraci, "Video Games and the Transhuman Inclination," Zygon 47 (2012) 735-56, at 747, 751.
In this sense, the transhuman is a dynamic instability, a
Which brings me back to Transhuman Circuit/Turing Battle (reference: Alan Turing).
transhuman magnificence," and by accepting his provision for a "religious instinct.
The Hearing took place in honor of International Human Rights Day, December 10, 2005, and was conducted at the 1st Colloquium on the Law of Transhuman Persons in Melbourne Beach, Florida.
For many individuals and virtually all cultures, personal and social reality rest on faith commitments that are "transpersonal, transhuman, centered in the cosmos rather than in human needs and interest, going beyond humanness, identity, self-actualization, and the like.
Although groups like the WTA are willing to consider social and ethical concerns related to the transhuman step, many other more radical groups, like Max More's Extropians, feel that social issues will look after themselves.
For example, a new item about the latest efforts to expand the lifespan of a nematode worm to the equivalent of five hundred human years will reach the back pages of most news publications, but it's the kind of news that tops the lists in transhuman circles.
We have been told that we are now transhuman (Dewdney, 1998) or posthuman (Hayles, 1999).
Heidegger's Kehre was, in my anti-French view of the later Heidegger, a betrayal of his incisive and illuminating "existential analytic" of human existence in Being and Time for the sake of a transhuman ontologism that generated some of the most obscure and idioscynratic language in the history of Western philosophy.
and Great Mambo Chicken and the Transhuman Condition.
What it embodies is not majesty, as in Jeffers, or a transhuman alertness, as in Snyder, but a mellow clarity, a late-afternoon warmth in which longing is bounded, life is found acceptable: