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THThailand (TLD)
THTexas Hold 'Em (poker game)
THThreshold (value of relative length or relative area to determine SRC)
THTable Header (HTML Tag)
THTerre Haute (Indiana)
THTalking Heads (band)
THThe Hobbit (JRR Tolkien book)
THThyroid Hormone
THTalking Head (broadcasting)
THThierry Henry (soccer player)
THThanatos (Latin: Death, epigraphy)
THTee Hee
THTechnische Hochschule (German: University on Engineering)
THThrough Hole (soldering and electronic engineering machinery)
THTeen Help
THHelper T Cells
THThunderhill (Manitoba, Saskatchewan)
THTerritory of Hawaii (before Hawaii became a state)
THTekniska Högskolan (Helsinki University of Technology)
THTapped Horn (audio equipment)
ThTest Healthy
THTactile Hallucinations (psychiatric assessment)
THTails-Heads (possible outcome for flipping a coin twice)
THTerminal Homing
THTerminal Handler
THTelemetry Head
THTyrosine Hydrocylase
THTokio Hotel (German band)
THTim Horton
THTelegraph Herald (Dubuque, IA; newspaper)
THTotal Hardness (of water, aka: General Hardness)
THTransitional Housing (California)
THTony Hawk (skateboarder)
THTom Hanks (actor)
THToken Hire
THTommy Hilfiger
THTrail Head (hiking)
THTrojan Horse
THTrusted Host (informatics)
THTownhouse (real estate)
THTokyo Hotel (band)
THTrue Heading
THTom Hayden (politican)
THTree Hugger
THTyrosine Hydroxylase
THTomlinson-Harashima Precoding
THTrue High
THTime Horizon
THTrouble History
THTransport Helicopter
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The writer relies again on trauma theory and psychoanalysis as well as on cultural landmarks to offer Andrew--and allegorically all of us--a final transhuman response to his existential plight.
Geraci, "Video Games and the Transhuman Inclination," Zygon 47 (2012) 735-56, at 747, 751.
This would seem to be a somewhat bashful reassertion of the previous chapter's strong asseveration of the existence of knowable, primal, transhuman "substance.
3) For the duration of this paper, I use the term transhuman not
Sandy Deserts###Thal, Cholistan, Thar and Chagai- Kharan###Grazing by transhuman livestock and produces crops like millet, guara, gram and fodder for goat/sheep###Moving sand dunes, seasonal shortage of forage, drinking water and saline groundwater###Sand-dune stabilization, shelterbelts/woodlots, drylands afforestation, range improvement, rainwater harvesting, biodiversity conservation, low delta crops(date palm, gram pulses etc)and rain fed agriculture, high efficiency irrigation system and on-farm water management
What reason and revelation, as opposed to modern science, share is the conviction that there is a transhuman order and therefore a limit to, and a guide for, human freedom.
Some theorists, such as Donna Haraway, have envisaged a world of the cyborg or transhuman where patriarchal structures dissolve in a fluidity of expression and hybridity within the techno-environment.
For the intrinsic logic of the bureaucratic imperative appears to be leading us all toward what has been termed a transhuman condition, one stripped of all our old irrational associations, our attachments to particular localities, traditions, and loyalties, all the prejudices of blood and soil, and of any moral commitments--such as opposition to contraception or abortion on demand-- that might hinder the growth of a system of power and domination now beyond the control of even those at the apex of the managerial hierarchy.
Indigenous ethno-veterinary knowledge and live stock management amongst transhuman pastoralists of Central Himalaya.
Accompanied by a pictorial graph--the sole visual diagram in the book--Masschelein's fascinating discussion of this robotic topic involves the entertainment industry, animation, and the many possible applications of the Uncanny Valley, which may one day, according to one theorist, include the transition to "a post or transhuman society" (152).
Keith Ansell Pearson, Viroid Life: Perspectives on Nietzsche and the Transhuman Condition, Routledge, London, 1997, n3, p13.
There is very probably a utopian subtext in many dystopian and science fiction works seducing their readers into imagining the promises of a post- or transhuman world.