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TMGThreat Management Gateway (Microsoft)
TMGThe Master Genealogist
TMGThe Mountain Goats (band)
TMGTunisia Monitoring Group
TMGTransition Monitoring Group
TMGToyota Motorsport GmbH (racing team)
TMGTele München Gruppe
TMGTouring Motor Glider (aviation)
TMGTraffic Management Group (Philippine Police)
TMGTechnology Manufacturing Group (Intel)
TMGTrimethyl Gallium
TMGThreat Management Group (Kuwait)
TMGTechnical Management Group
TMGTrident Media Guard (France; est. 2002)
TMGTransMoGrifier (language for writing recursive descent compilers)
TMGTrack Made Good (air navigation)
TMGTatar Mail Group
TMGThermal Methods Group (Royal Society of Chemistry)
TMGThe Marshall Group
TMGText to Matrix Generator (MATLAB toolbox)
TMGThermal Model Generator
TMGTactical Multinet Gateway
TMGTactical Missile Group (US Air Force)
TMGTest Management Group
TMGThe Married Gamers
TMGTechnical Monitoring Group
TMGTest Message Generator
TMGTribal Management Grants
TMGThe Market Guys (investment educators)
TMGThe Musicland Group, Inc.
TMGTRADOC Manpower Guidance
TMGTravel Maritime Group (Monaco; est. 1996)
TMGTactical Management Gateway
TMGTechnology and Material Game (US Army)
TMGThe Modern Gamer (website)
TMGTrader Media Group (UK)
TMGTelegraph Media Group (UK)
TMGThe Margarita Guys, LLC (California)
TMGThe Members Group (financial services)
TMGTechniques and Methodologies Group
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switched places and used his transmogrifier to trick Savitar.
In as much as that I have not yet had gender reassignment surgery, you probably don't have to guess what I would do with a transmogrifier if I had one.
Instead, this book is written primarily for the non-mathematicians among us who are willing to entertain the possibility that mathematical models can be useful, but who would have about as good an idea how to construct and use a transmogrifier as to construct and use a population model.
1-24C snarled, shooting one of a legion of bill collectors with his transmogrifier gun (set to TWITCH).