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TATeaching Assistant
TATrans Am (Pontiac automobile model)
TATurn Around
TATime Attack (gaming)
TAThanks Again
TATravel Agent (Agency)
TATechnology Assessment
TATerritorial Army (UK)
TaTank (aircraft designed by Kurt Tank & built by Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau GmbH)
TATransition(al) Architecture
TATuition Assistance
TATransit Authority
TATransfer Agent (financial industry)
TATel Aviv
TATo Above
TATransactional Analysis (psychology)
TATransmit(ter) Address
TATarget Audience
TATrade Association
TATotal Area (geometry)
TATotal Annihilation (game by Cavedog Entertainment)
TATori Amos (singer)
TATrading As (similar to DBA, doing business as)
TATraining Area
TATrend Analysis
TATraffic Accident
TATraffic Announcement
TATravel Authorization
TATitus Andronicus
TATiger Army (band)
TATraffic Analysis
TATibialis Anterior
TATotal Average
TATotal Alkalinity (water chemistry)
TATraining Aid
TATom Atkins (Actor)
TATentative Agreement
TATiming Advance
TATherapeutic Area
TATricuspid Atresia (congenital heart defect)
TATrey Anastasio (Phish band member)
TATest Article
TATemporal Artery
TATime & Attendance
TATrading Assistant (eBay)
TATextile and Apparel
TATravel Assistance
TAType of Assistance
TATime Alignment (audio synchronization)
TATemperature Alarm
TAThreat Analysis (information operations/computer network defense)
TATraining Agency
TATetris Attack (video game)
TATraffic Advisory
TATenancy Agreement
TATeacher Assessment (education)
TATest Access
TATravel Advance
TATrade Assistant
TATension Arterial (Spanish: Blood Pressure)
TATemperature Ambient
TATugas Akhir (Indonesian: Final Assignment)
TATerrain Analysis
TATree Algorithm
TATaranto, Puglia (Italian province)
TATotal Army
TATerminal Adaptor
TATheater Army
TATherapeutic Abortion
TATotal Attempts (volleyball statistic)
TATexture Analyser
TAThanks Awfully
TATerrain Avoidance
TATraditional Authorities
TATrusted Agent
TATerritorial Authority (New Zealand)
TATransamerica Corporation
TATravel Approval
TATowed Array
TATeam AnandTech (distributed processing team)
TATotal Audience
TATest Activity
TATubular Adenoma
TATrack Analysis
TATrick Attack (game)
TATest Alert (Hekimian)
TAThroughput Accounting
TATransmission Analysis
TATransverse Acoustic (Raman scaterring)
TATerminal Address (computing)
TATransducer Assembly
TAToyota Atlantic (auto racing)
TATruckstops of America
TAThermal Array
TATraining Analyst
TATraining Agent
TATraveling Allowance
TAThermal Asperity
TATelescope Assembly
TAThreat Avoidance
TATravelCenters of America, Inc.
TATransient Alert
TATest Authority
TATransmitter Assembly
TATwisted Animation (band)
TAThink Attack
TATropical Air Mass (weather)
TAToei Animation Co. Ltd
TATiming Algorithm
TATest Authorization
TATransportation Approval
TATexAgs (Texas A&M sports forum)
TATitulaire Académique (French: Academic Holder)
TATime Accelerator (Quake 2 gaming)
TAThreat Axis
TATeresian Association
TATemasek Academy
TATerritory Assignment
TATerminates Above (mechanical services design)
TATaca International Airlines, El Salvador (IATA airline code)
TATask Authorizations
TATransfer Aisle
TATrainee Agent
TATaure en'Arvandor (gaming)
TATiberian Adventure (game)
TATransportability Approval
TATracked Aggression (music disks)
TATRADOC Airlift Committee
TATeaching/Teacher's Aide
TATaxpayer Advocate
TATechnical Analysis
TATechnical Architecture
TATechnical Assessment
TAAmbient Temperature
TATable of Allowance
TATamper Alarm
TATarget Acquisition
TATarget Address
TATarget Analysis
TATarget Area
TATask Analysis
TATechnical Advance
TATeachers Assistant
TATactical Airlift
TATank Army (CIS)
TATechnical Advisory (computer security bulletin)
TATechnical Assist (computer security bulletin)
TATeam Arena (Quake 3 expansion pack)
TATasking Authority
TaAntenna Temperature
TATeacher Advisor
TATangerine Army (gaming group)
TATechnical Assistance
TATechnical Arrangement
TATartan Army (Supporters of Scotland's national football team)
TATechnical Area
TATechnical Adviser
TATechnical Assembly
TATechnical Associates (Canoga Park, CA)
TATechnical Audit
TATechnology Administration
TATaunton (postcode, United Kingdom)
TATaxing Authority
TATechnical Acceptance
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Triacetin (TA) is a potential alternative plasticizer to DEP.
y otros tres autores, Transesterification of triacetin with metanol on solid acid and base catalysts, Appl.
Essential oils and their active components particularly citronellol, eucalyptol, geraniol, thymol and triacetin were found to interact synergistically with norfloxacin against B.
Examples of plasticizers include nitroglycerine, dibutyl phthalate, dinitrotoluene, ethyl centralite, and triacetin.
Addition of flavours based on propylene glycol, triethyl acetate, benzyl alcohol and triacetin provoke a significant increase of ejection force, giving tablets breakage problems on the machine at very low compression force and therefore very low tablet hardness potential.
32,33] The exception for intravaginal administration may involve the use of triacetin or Tylose gels in the preparation of prostaglandin [E.
The study Triacetin (CAS 102-76-1) Market Research Report 2012' presents an overview of the Triacetin market globally and regionally by contemplating and analyzing its parameters.