TRICONTriple Container
TRICONSpecial Container for Military Transportation
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Seismic services companies like Tricon Geophysics see the value of our software solutions in increasing the quality and productivity of their geophysical processing, imaging and characterization activities," said Duane Dopkin, executive vice president of Geoscience at Paradigm.
Tricon, which has offices in London and Dubai, is advising on F&B outlets in the upcoming Zayed National Museum - Abu Dhabi, UAE, which is due to open in 2016.
Tricon Films & Television is looking for factories planning major renovations or overhauls to be showcased on national television for a documentary show.
To do this, we had the specifications written so the TRICON would have fork pockets on three sides.
Charoen Pokphand Foods Plc (CPF), flagship of the agro-industry giant Charoen Pokphand Group, is getting a lot of business now from Tricon, which plans to increase its purchases of chicken meat from the company by 20% this year to a five-year record of 3.
One of our major strategies is to drive global growth by leading the way in multi-branding innovation--offering the consumer two brands and more choice in one restaurant," said Tricon Chairman and CEO David C.
In addition, Tricon gained about 10% materials savings, while cycle time was cut by 15%.
The test foreshadowed the upcoming vote this summer by Tricon stockholders on the proposed acquisition of the Long John Silver's and A&W All American Food Restaurants chains for $320 million in cash from Yorkshire Global Restaurants of Lexington, Ky.
Dr Pepper alleges Pepsi offered discounts to Tricon to stock Pepsi brands on an exclusive basis in selected Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC outlets in the US.
The suit alleges that PepsiCo has entered into an agreement with Tricon -which operates a number of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut restaurants - that penalises Tricon for carrying Seven Up.
Tricon, which owns Pizza Hut, KFC, and Taco Bell, is alleged to have been told by PepsiCo representatives that their funds would be reduced if they served Seven Up.
The group said the move had seen around 2,300 of the 5,000 Tricon outlets which had stocked Seven Up, cease stocking the drink since the beginning of last year.