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TEATexas Education Agency
TEATaxed Enough Already (tea party; political activism)
TEATransportation Equity Act for the 21st Century
TEATennessee Education Association (Nashville, TN)
TEAThemed Entertainment Association
TEATiny Encryption Algorithm (developed by David Wheeler and Roger Needham at the Computer Laboratory of Cambridge University)
TEATeachers Experiencing Antarctica and the Arctic
TEATwin Engine Aircraft
TEATransportation Enhancement Activities (Canada)
TEAToronto Environmental Alliance
TEATargeted Employment Area
TEATransitional Employment Assistance (State of Arkansas)
TEATransportation Engineering Agency
TEATemperate East Asia
TEATrace Element Analysis
TEATactical Espionage Action (game)
TEATorque Equilibrium Attitude
TEATelevision Equipment Associates (Brewster, NY)
TEATriethyl Aluminum
TEATreasury Enforcement Agent
TEAThe Electronic Alveary (word search program)
TEATraining Effectiveness Analysis
TEATechnology for Enabling Awareness
TEAToronto Entomologists' Association
TEATransferred Episcopal Arrangements
TEATerminal Education Age
TEATraining Employment Advice Shop
TEATechnical Exchange Agreement
TEATransversely Excited Atmosphere
TEATiming Error Avoidance
TEATechnology Exchange Agreement
TEATransportability Engineering Analysis
TEATechnical Engineering Authority
TEATactical Engineering & Analysis, Inc.
TEATargeted Enforcement Area (police warning radar)
TEATirupur Exports Association (India)
TEATwinsburg Education Association (Twinsburg, Ohio)
TEATechnicien en Entretien d'Aéronefs
TEATen Eyck Associates
TEATransient Effect Area
TEATelephone Extension Alert
TEATicket Entry Automation
TEATransportation Engineering Agreement
TEATemporary Employment Agency (various locations)
TEATexas Electronics Association, LLC (Fort Worth, TX)
TEATerminal Electron Acceptor (cellular respiration)
TEATidy Enforcement Agency (gaming clan)
TEATechnical Excellence Award (various organizations)
TEATrade Expansion Act
TEATechno-Economic Analysis
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Complete report on global Triethanolamine market spread across 178 pages, profiling 16 companies and supported with 220 tables and figures is now available at http://www.
The change in lubricant color indicative of lubricant decomposition was not observed in the controls and in six chemicals, including Boric Acid, Potassium Fluoride, Potassium Hydrogen Fluoride, Polyoxyethylene Nonylphenyl Ether, Potassium Hexafluoroaluminate and Triethanolamine Borate.
Similar experiments were repeated for a 25-[mu]m thick clearcoat B film, clearcoat B containing triethanolamine to retard cure, and clearcoat B heated at a slower heating rate (not shown).
Stoichiometry of nitrogen dioxide determination in triethanolamine trapping solution, Analytical Chemistry 49: 1448-1450.
23 grams per liter Zincon indicator dissolved in 400 grams/liter Triethanolamine solution.
A DHS list of 344 "Chemicals of Interest" includes TDI, pentane, isopentane, triethanolamine, and acetone, among others related to the PUR industry.
Triethanolamine growth will be led by new applications in diesterquat fabric softeners.
Known and probable reproductive and Known and probable carcinogens developmental toxins Acrylamide Lithium carbonate Coal tar Dibutyl phthalate Ethylacrylate Toluene Formaldehyde Lead acetate HC Blue 2 Potassium dichromate Lead acetate Butoxyethanol Phenacetin Dimethicone triethanolamine Phenolphthalein Diethanolamine Phenylphenol Cetyl phosphate Potassium dichromate Diglycol-cyclohexanedimethanol Progesterone Selenium sulfide
content=findings_ingreds_of_concern#begin Top ingredients of concern in Skin Deep: Known and probable carcinogens Acrylamide Coal tar Ethylacrylate Formaldehyde HC Blue 2 Lead acetate Phenacetin Phenolphthalein Phenylphenol Potassium dichromate Progesterone Selenium sulfide Known and probable reproductive and developmental toxins Lithium carbonate Dibutyl phthalate Toluene Lead acetate Potassium dichromate Butoxyethanol Dimethicone triethanolamine Diethanolamine Cetyl phosphate Diglycol-cyclohexanedimethanol
In the present study, the results on the water-blown isocyanurate ring-containing PUFs obtained from rapeseed oil polyols, which are synthesized by way of transesterification of rapeseed oils with triethanolamine, are presented.