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TMSTransportation Management System
TMSTexas Motor Speedway
TMSToyota Motor Sales
TMSTranscranial Magnetic Stimulation (alternative medicine for depression)
TMSTest Match Special (sports - cricket)
TMSTuition Management Systems (Warwick, RI)
TMSTribune Media Services
TMSTrimethylsilyl (gas chromatography)
TMSThe Minerals, Metals and Materials Society
TMSTransport Management System (SAP software component)
TMSTest Mode Select
TMSTandberg Management Suite (for Video Teleconference equipment)
TMSThe Muppet Show
TMSTraining Management System
TMSTension Myositis Syndrome
TMSTraffic Management System
TMSTexas Memory Systems (electronics)
TMSToo Many Secrets
TMSThe Masonry Society
TMSTravel Management System
TMSTime Management System
TMSThe Money Store
TMSTalent Management System (KnowledgePool)
TMSTraumatic Masturbatory Syndrome
TMSTruth Maintenance System
TMSTether Management System (remotely operated vehicle operation)
TMSTraffic Monitoring System (advanced vehicle control)
TMSTroy Middle School (Bradford County, Pennsylvania)
TMSTape Management System
TMSThymidylate Synthase
TMSToo Much Stuff
TMSTelephone Management System
TMSThe Mothership
TMSTime Management Software
TMSTask Management System
TMSTurrentine Middle School (North Carolina)
TMSTexas Medical School (Houston, Texas)
TMSTemperature Monitoring System
TMSTrouble Musculo-Squelettique
TMSTemperature Management System
TMSTool Management System
TMSThematic Mapper Simulator
TMSTheocratic Ministry School
TMSTelecommunications Management System
TMSTIGER Mapping Service
TMSTax Management System
TMSTrack Management System
TMSTopical Memory System
TMSTennis Master Series
TMSTransactions on Mathematical Software
TMSThe Meadows School (Las Vegas, Nevada)
TMSTrouble Management System
TMSTray Management System
TMSTIGER Map Service (US Census Bureau)
TMSType Model Series
TMSTransmission Management System (networking)
TMSTransition Metal Systems
tMsthe MONORAIL Society
TMSTransmission Measuring Set
TMSThe Mother Superior
TMSTactical Message System
TMSTest Match Series (sports - cricket)
TMSTuscaloosa Middle School (Tuscaloosa, AL, USA)
TMSTactical Messaging System
TMSTime-shared Monitor System (also seen as TSMS)
TMSTop MUD Sites (website/list)
TMSTraffic Matrix Statistics (Cisco)
TMSTM Soundararajan (Tamil, India film singer)
TMSTime Multiplier Setting (Power System Protection Systems)
TMSTrans Membrane Segment (protein nomenclature)
TMSTechnical & Management Support
TMSTM Sounderarajan (Tamil Nadu, India singer)
TMSThoreau Middle School
TMSTyrrell Middle School (Wolcott, CT)
TMSThe Monarch School (Houston, Texas)
TMSThomson Multimedia SA (stock symbol)
TMSTime-Multiplex Switch
TMSTrainee Management System
TMSTwist Monitoring System (HESSI)
TMSThompkins Middle School (Evansville, IN)
TMSTime Motion Study
TMSTarget Management Switch
TMSTraffic Management Simulator
TMSTriangle Micro Systems (Raleigh, NC)
TMSTool-Made Sample
TMSThermal Maneuvering System
TMSTurret Mooring System (naval engineering)
TMSThe Microsoft Situation
TMSTactical Message Switch
TMSThe MacDuffie School (Springfield, Massachusetts)
TMSTechnology Multi Sources
TMSS-Band Transmitter
TMSTax Map Sequence Number (property registration)
TMSTrivitron Medical Systems
TMSTurbidity Monitoring System
TMSTurret Maintenance Trainer
TMSTechnical Maintenance Standard
TMSTrack Management Services
TMSTactical Maneuver System
TMSTarget Management Systems
TMSTelecommunications & Marketing Service Organization
TMSTerminal Monitoring System
TMSTransvaal Meteorological Station
TMSTest/Maintenance Supervisor
TMSTotal Manufacturing System
TMSTraffic Management Station HWCI
TMSTechnical Marginal Substitution
TMSTraining and Maneuver Systems
TMSTechnology Methods Standards
TMSTransverse Magnetic Scattering
TMSToronto Mandarin School (Ontario, Canada)
TMSTransformer Maintenance and Service
TMSThomas Müntzer Scheune (University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany student recreation center)
TMSTranslation Memory System (software)
TMSThe Mad Scientist
TMSTerritory Account Management
TMSTalent Management Solutions
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N,O-bis(trimethylsilyl) trifluoroacetamide containing 1% trimethylchlorosilane, used for preparation of trimethylsilyl (TMS) ether derivatives of sterols, was obtained from Supelco (Bellefonte, PA).
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5 ml volume of each urine sample was lyophilized and solubilized in 500 [micro]m of deuterium oxide mixed with 5 nmol of trimethylsilyl propionic acid (TSP) and 35 mmol [1.
in oxazepam was derivatized with trimethylsilyl [40] or alkyl [57] group
After aging, hydrophobization of the gel surfaces (chemical modification with trimethylsilyl (TMS) groups) was carried out by soaking the gels in a heptane/ethanol/TMCS solution with a molar ratio of 15: 1: 1 at 65[degrees]C for 24 hrs.
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