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I had booked a trip around the world already and was worried that the feeling I had at the birthday party would be how I would feel after the holiday.
This follows the Balmoral on its four-month trip around the world.
She took us on a trip around the world telling us about jewellery fashions both home and abroad and shared her wealth of knowledge of precious metals and gems.
In a press release, the Malaysian embassy in Amman said Captain Tan's trip around the world takes 54 days and covers 20 countries including Egypt, Jordan and Qatar, with stops at 30 stations before returning to Malaysia on May 12, 2013.
2 ( ANI ): A global travel company has launched a competition for a "dream job," which offers an all-expenses paid blogging trip around the world.
Estimates suggest the famous team of fully-grown reindeer pulling his sleigh emits a colossal 53,667 tonnes of CO2 during his annual 195,200,000km trip around the world, which works out at 275g/km.
Before embarking on this year's trip around the world, Santa encouraged people to reach out to others and not to forget that love is the most important thing.
Customers can take a trip around the world in 80 beers in the new Around the World Bar, which has a range of exotic beers and delicious food from around the globe.
Bartenders drawn from 60 countries across the globe will be asked to create a cocktail recipe using Bols Genever, Bols liqueur, or both, for a chance to win a trip around the world to four cocktail cities of his or her choice over eight days.
So in their quest to expand their spice horizons, the pair have embarked on a trip around the world, and beginning in Oaxaca, Mexico, they discover chillies go back thousands of years and are as varied as wine.
A TRIP around the world inspired a charity worker to put on her apron and get baking - and now she has scooped a culinary writing prize for her efforts.
Or, perhaps a quick trip around the world to see how the rest of the planet operates.