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TRKCTransport Research Knowledge Centre (UK)
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In the study, NT-3 was found to be expressed at increased levels in aggressive human neuroblastomas and to block the ability of TrkC to induce tumour cell death by a process known as apoptosis.
Voluntary exercise increases neurotrophin-3 and its receptor TrkC in the spinal cord.
The presence of neurotrophins and the neurotrophin receptors p75 (p75NTR), tyrosine kinase A (TrkA), TrkB and TrkC are present in several immune cells.
Thus the trkA-expressing PC12 cells and chromaffin cells are in good contrast with central neurons expressing trkB or trkC corresponding to BDNF or NT-3 (see |9, 10~ for reviews).
Fusion of ETV6 to neurotrophin-3 receptor TRKC in acute myeloid leukemia with t(12;15)(p13;q25).