TRTSTelephony Return Termination System
TRTSTrain Ready to Start (railroad switch)
TRTSTaipei Rapid Transit System (Taiwan)
TRTSTactical Record Traffic System
TRTSTriage Revised Trauma Score
TRTSTeaching Reading Through Spelling (TRTS Publishing; Wrexham, Wales, UK)
TRTSThe Religious Tract Society
TRTSTelemetry Receiving Test System
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She said the members of the TRTs have already been meeting even before the finalization of the mining review framework "to finalize how they will strategize in doing the research considering the limited time that we're allotting them - three months.
2012] e um instrumento valido para avaliacao do desempenho no TRT, e o teste de avaliacao da fadiga mental a partir do TRT e uma proposta inovadora, podendo ser aplicado nas areas da Psicologia e Educacao Fisica.
Each data set was analyzed by matching temperature increments observed during the TRTs with those computed with the line-source equation.
The main question guiding our inquiry was the following: In what ways, if any, does a TRT approach to PD impact a veteran teacher's understandings of literacy and literacy practices?
Efforts have been made to establish guidelines for TRTs on the basis of the results of previous studies that have been published in IEA reports (Gehlin and Spitler 2002; Reu[ss] et al.
A comparison of the smoking status of the TRTS participants and Toronto adults (15+) from the CCHS 2005 is shown in Figure 2.
The TRT method was studied in detail by Gehlin (2002), and several other publications have contributed to its development.
These programs supported the drug and explosive detection canine units in addition to the DNCD's vetted Sensitive Investigation Unit (SIU) and TRTs.
From the results it is evident that TRTs increased significantly in F1 (F=242.
These TRTs are tasked with developing the technical aspects of a recovery plan for each ESU within the recovery domain.