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TFOVTotal Field Of View
TFOVTrue Field of View (in degrees, astronomy; also see AFOV)
TFOVThermal Field of View
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3[degrees] true field of view swallowed the cluster.
7[degrees] true field of view (TFOV) my 8-inch produces with a Paracorr 2 and 21-mm Ethos eyepiece isn't quite large enough to frame the Bubble adequately while the cluster sits in the center of the field, making it more difficult to see.
It's outstanding at low power; the stock 26-mm MA eyepiece gives a vast 3[degrees] true field of view at 17x, enough to encompass the entire Veil Nebula or the Andromeda Galaxy with its two main companions.
A subtle, but important consequence of these new eyepieces is that they permit a wider true field of view with a given aperture than ever before.
25-inch adapter, and with the included 20-mm 70[degrees] Series eyepiece, the AR102S produces a generous 3[degrees] true field of view.
The telescope focal length and diameter of the field stop's opening determine the true field of view (TFOV)--the amount of sky you see in the eyepiece.
With its 27-mm-diameter field stop, this eyepiece offers the largest true field of view possible with a 1V4-inch eyepiece.
Offering an excellent balance of magnification and true field of view, Tele Vue's 13-mm Ethos and Explore Scientific's new 14-mm 100[degrees] Series eyepieces were my favorites.
The 25-mm Plossl yields 30x and a generous true field of view spanning 1.
com, 1 assume the true field of view is for an eyepiece with a standard 1Y4-inch barrel.
However, a good 2-inch diagonal is the best choice for these telescopes, since, coupled with 2-inch eyepieces, it will allow the largest true field of view.
The 35-mm eyepieces provided the widest true field of view possible (limited only by the 1 1/4-inch barrel).