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In all the great Buddhist poems, of which the Shu Hsing Tsan Ching is the best example, there is the same deep sadness, the haunting sorrow of doom.
Tsan, OD; Raymond G Murphy VA Medical Center, 1501 San Pedro SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108; 505-265-1711, ext 4229; fax: 505256-5761.
Host Declan Donnelly introduced Tsan and added: "Imust say that due to what can only be described as unforeseen circumstances, Morris isn't in the team tonight and you are now team captain and have drafted in little brother Dillian.
Tsan, MD, MS, MM, co-chair of the APHA Medical Care Section's Veteran's Health Committee, in a letter nominating Kizer for the Award for Excellence.
I also show examples that don't use aerial perspective, such as the landscapes in the manner of Ni Tsan done by numerous Chinese artists.
TSAN, Analysis of some difference approximations for a singular perturbation problem without turning points, Math.
Three centuries later the painter Ni Tsan commented on the painting saying: 'We can see he didn't get his nickname Topsy-turvy without good reason.
Historically, Buddhism was spread across Tibet in the 7th century by King Sron Tsan Gampo.
The quartet - Tim Copland, Cam Va Tsan, Paul Round and Ross Daglish - then dropped their rackets and ran unhurt from the court, leaving their bikes behind.
Victor Tsan, senior consultant with MIC, said that the fallout from the Sept.
The Chinese called it Tsan, the commander of a mighty army.
Production will be up more than 43% from last year said center director Victor Tsan, with year-on-year output for the first half having been up 64.