TSENThird Sector European Network
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See Evan Tsen Lee & Josephine Mason Ellis, The Standing Doctrine's Dirty Little Secret, 107 NW.
Tsen Wong Hock (2005) Openness financial development and economic growth in Malaysia.
symbolise par You Tzu Tsen et Sekkoura, un couple sino-algerien en proie aux moqueries et aux medisances.
Herbert and Tsen (2007) evaluated the efficacy of down payment assistance programs and concluded that small amounts of help can be very effective in stimulating fairly large numbers of renter households to become homeowners.
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Tsen Wong Hock notes that the openness of the Malaysian economy to international trade in terms of total trade to GDP has increased over time.
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In Australia, a recent alternative to the impact factor measure has been the Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) journal rankings; however, these have recently been abolished (Dobson 2011; Tsen Kwok 2011).