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TUNTunisia (ISO Country code)
TUNTunas (FAO fish species code)
TUNTouro University Nevada
TUNTeam Unity (Trinidad and Tobago)
TUNTunis, Tunisia - Carthage (Airport Code)
TUNTrade Unit Number (barcode on product outer packaging)
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Secretary of State said the people of Tunisia take great pride in the fact that all of them are part of this extraordinary effort to build a future through compromise and through dialogue.
France, too, must learn every lesson from it and maintain cooperation with Tunisia at the necessary level: at economic level, in terms of tourism and also in terms of defence.
The new Ambassador of Sudan in Tunisia conveyed to the Tunisian President the greetings of his brother the President Al-Bashir and his determination to consolidate further the relations between two countries.
Tunisia has some qualities that make it unique and many say that its uniqueness makes it difficult for others to follow Tunisia's example-I disagree.
Tunisia has one oil refinery with a crude oil distillation capacity of 34,000 b/d.
He reiterated support to Tunisia, describing the celebration as a message to the whole world that any people can only move forward with unity, cohesion and solidarity.
The United States was the first major power to recognize Tunisian sovereignty and established diplomatic relations with Tunisia in 1956 following its independence from France.
But Tunisia sent out a message of hope to the brothers in the countries of the Arab Spring that there is a good path to promote national unity, he said.
Iranian officials have always underlined their enthusiasm for the expansion of all-out ties with Tunisia.
Tunisia, the country from whence the Arab Spring uprisings sprang, is the 116th country to sign the Rome Statute, the governing treat of the court, which investigates and prosecutes cases of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.
THE United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) gave its support for a recovery plan devised by the Ministry of Tourism of Tunisia during a recent visit to the country by UNWTO Secretary-General Taleb Rifai.
The Prime Minister has been informed that Pakistans mission in Tunisia and the government of Tunisia are looking after the stranded Pakistanis there.