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SBSS logic counts turn-in transactions that generate a shipment to a CRF (turn-ins with an ATC D) as demands (NRTS) and thus reports those demands to RBL.
Credit originally granted will be reversed if the turn-in transaction cannot be matched to an issue within the DDP.
Through the analysis, the LSS project team discovered that turn-in process errors created by Forces Command (FORSCOM) units resulted in an avoidable loss of at least $9,686,619 during fiscal year 2015.
For an individual turn-in, uniforms or gear are brought directly to the shop's customer service counter during hours of operation.
Unit personnel who used to manually prepare turn-in documents will find the electronic process easier.
Afloat Supply Officers dread receiving BK1 status (follow-up on shipment of an NRFI transaction) on their DLR turn-ins.
With no turn-ins, there are no assets available for repair.
Serviceable Exchange Price Return (SEPR) credited for serviceable turn-in
It's not clear if the Australian government was working from a list of gun owners, but the confiscation program became logistically much easier after the voluntary turn-ins.
Turn-ins are precise and nimble, and despite its shorter wheelbase, bumps and road irregularities are soaked up lovingly, and long drives are never tiring.