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TUTAThe Utopian Theatre Asylum (Chicago, IL)
TUTATrade Union Training Authority (Australia)
TUTATravis Unified Teachers Association (Travis Air Force Base, CA)
TUTATeam Unity, Team Arroyo (Philippines)
TUTATexas Urban Transportation Alliance
TUTATopsides Umbilical Termination Assembly
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The invasive South American tomato pinworm, Tuta absoluta, continues to spread in AfroEurasia and beyond: the new threat to tomato world production.
La Tuta was the last of the founding leaders of La Familia de Michoacan to be taken into custody or killed.
Sa'ada is not the first governorate to receive hormones and pesticides to fight the tuta absoluta.
In 26 minutes Ross Brown's centre was perfect for Tuta - but he kicked fresh air from eight yards.
The governor, in the decree, appointed Khorok Remoris Alongole as chairperson of Boma, Justin Taiyin Kok as its executive director/secretary, while Zuagin Rachu Balko, Mary Hassen Turki and Alfred Bartagi Tuta were appointed as members.
In the video, whose authenticity could not be verified by Reuters, a man identified as Knights Templar leader Servando Gomez, known as "La Tuta," accused the armed vigilantes of working for the Jalisco New Generation gang, which is linked to drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman's Sinaloa cartel.
Cependant, l'element central marquant le debut des festivites est ce que les gens appellent ici << bano ritual >> ( << bain rituel >> en espagnol) ou << armay tuta >> (<< nuit du bain >> en kichwa) (6), qui se realise a la cascade se trouvant dans les environs de Peguche, dans la riviere qui la prolonge ou dans differentes sources d'eau des alentours.
The tomato borer, also known as tuta absoluta, is a small, brownish moth that was first introduced from South America into Spain in 2006, and later spread to countries in the Mediterranean Basin and the Near East, encompassing territories as far north as Switzerland, as far south as Morocco and Algeria, as far east as Turkey, and also Persian Gulf states to the southeast.
The analyses of the laboratory of the Goce Delcev University in Stip confirmed that Macedonian tomatoes are not infected with tuta absoluta, a pest dangerous for the people's health.
Food as a good versus food as a commodity: Contradictions between state and market in Tuta, Cuba.
MOHAMED KHOULAIDI DOHA THE Ministry of Environment (MoE) recently organised a symposium titled 'How To Combat Tuta Absoluta (leaf miner)' at the department of agriculture, in Doha.
Comparison of leaf chemical composition and attack patterns of Tuta absoluta (Meyrick) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) in three tomato species.