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TVERTransscleral Visual Evoked Response
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The mill in Tver will give us exposure to a construction sector which is expected to grow at a yearly rate above 10%.
The meeting discussed issues on the tasks and progress of the region's preparation for the spring field agricultural work in 2018, the provision of state support to agricultural producers in the Tver region for spring field works, lending to agricultural enterprises for the spring sowing season, availability and preparation of seeds for spring sowing, provision of agricultural producers with organic and mineral fertilizers , a sample of fuel from tank farms in the Tver region.
Sky Link," a telecommunications holding company established to develop a nationwide CDMA450 network in Russia, today announced the deployment of its network in Tver using equipment, software and services from Lucent Technologies (NYSE: LU).
The meeting discussed issues on the development of social partnership in the world of work in the organizations of the agro-industrial complex of the Tver region, on combating corruption in accordance with Federal Law No.
Electronic auction: provision of services for the complex cleaning of internal premises in buildings, inner-city and adjacent territories of the departments of the ministry of internal affairs of russia in the city of tver
Electronic auction: provision of services for informing the population of the tver region about the activities of the executive bodies of state power of the tver region, state bodies of the tver region through electronic and printed mass media