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TALTeaching and Learning
TALThanks A Lot
TALThe American Legion
TALThis American Life (public radio/TV show)
TALTranscription Activator-Like (proteins)
TALTyped Assembly Language
TALTransitional Administrative Law (interim constitution of Iraq Feb. 29, 2004)
TALType Align
TALTelephone Allowance
TALTeachers as Leaders (various locations)
TALTechnical Assistance Loan (Brazil)
TALTemplate Attribute Language
TALTransition to Adult Living (various organizations)
TALTakeoff And Landing
TALThick Ascending Limb
TALTransoceanic Abort Landing
TALTower Australia Limited (life insurance)
TALTechnology Alert List (US State Department)
TALTownsend Analytics Ltd. (Chicago, IL)
TALTable Light
TALTarget Analyte List
TALTrattamento Automatico Della Lingua (Italian: Natural Language Processing)
TALTennessee Art League (Nashville, TN)
TALTransatlantic Abort Landing
TALTransaction Application Language
TALTrust Anchor Locator (Internet)
TALTendo-Achilles Lengthening
TALTropical Aquaculture Laboratory (University of Florida)
TALThe Appointments Line (UK National Health Service)
TALThey All Lie
TALTraitement Automatiques des Langues (French: Language Processing)
TALTrain-A-Lift Ltd (UK)
TALTime After Launch
TALTissage d'Ameublement de La Loire (French: Woven Furniture from La Loire; France)
TALThink and Link (e-mail for disabled people)
TALThreshold Ambient Level
TALTESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) & Applied Linguistics (various schools)
TALTraining Aids Librarian
TALTransporter Air Lock
TALTonnage Axle Limit (transportation loads)
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Thus, a compact encoding of Typed Assembly Language is needed for optimal performance.
Typed Assembly Language, as a variant of Proof-Annotating Code, restricts its safety guarantees to type and memory safety as well as the legal control flow of assembly programs, and stresses the translation of type-correct programs of the source language to type-correct assembly code [52].
Scalable certification for typed assembly language.
The typed assembly language we present here is based on a conventional RISC-style assembly language.
Section 7 presents the formal details of our typed assembly language.
The previous sections provide a theoretical basis for compiling high-level languages to typed assembly language.
To support separate compilation and type-safe linking, we have also augmented our typed assembly language with a module system [Glew and Morrisett 1999].