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U-BahnUntergrundbahn (German: Subway)
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Just outside the city, reachable by the U-Bahn underground system, is the massive Grunewald Forest, home to several lakes where you can swim, cycle and walk to your heart's content.
The show was a bit smaller from the exhibit side - which is not to say it wasn't still huge - but veterans will recall when the U-Bahn stopped at both entrances of the massive New Munich Trade Fair Center.
In January of last year, as workers dug a new U-Bahn station near the city hall, they uncovered a bronze figure, not ancient but modern, a bust of a woman by an obscure artist named Edwin Scharff.
The sizzling movie - shot on the U-Bahn underground railway in Vienna, Austria - shows the pair romping on the seats while commuters queue up to watch and film them.
AS a young girl travelling with her parents in Berlin, Tatiana witnesses Adolf Hitler on the U-Bahn.
99) As a young girl in Berlin, Tatiana witnesses Adolf Hitler on the U-Bahn.
And then there was the argument about whether all 14 of them should chase me down the street, into the U-Bahn station and on to a train, or to just stop at the platform.
The subway system in Berlin, Germany, called the U-Bahn, celebrated its centennial recently.
It's a turn-key package including everything from signage to U-Bahn passes.
The U-Bahn underground, S-Bahn suburban services and trams whisk sightseers around the city for around [pounds sterling]4 a day.
Professor Kenworthy cites an example from Munich where a new suburb has been created around a U-Bahn station.