U-CANUniversity and College Accountability Network (Washington, DC)
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There are many consumer sources out there, but U-CAN offers something distinct.
Participant comments shaped the structure and content of the U-CAN site.
U-CAN includes institutional profiles that have comparable data and targeted links to the institution's Web site for information on specific aspects of the institution.
The U-CAN facility offers programs for parents and children ranging from individual and family counseling and therapy to recreational programs and computer training.
The computer center is going to be something that will spark a lot of the kids,'' said U-CAN executive director Bill Pricer.
Joining the U-CAN staff of seven will be 14 graduate-student interns from colleges who will serve as tutors and mentors to the students.
They can gain practical experience by working in the main U-CAN office, Pricer added.
The games and activities were effective in getting kids involved, but we felt we needed to educate them more and prepare them for the work force,'' U-CAN administrator Greg Tepe said.