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U3DUniversal 3 Dimensional
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It works with the U3D format and generates a very good rendering appearance.
The format used for saving the 3D geometry in PDF is the U3D format and also the new PRC format.
We have good experience with creating 3D graphics in this program (see [1],[6]) and so we focus only on describing the conversion of mathematical 3D graphics from the Maple program to the U3D format.
4) Poco despues fueron presentadas imagenes que caracterizaban casi todos los organos o estructuras fetales, (5,6) iniciandose los estudios comparativos para calculo de peso fetal o volumen de organos entre tecnicas de ultrasonido bidimensional (U2D) y U3D, (7) mostrando que este ultimo aportaba datos mucho mas precisos, con una significativa reduccion del error en los calculos.
Aunque se ha suscitado una gran controversia respecto a cuales son los mejores examenes para el tamizaje de malformaciones, numerosos articulos muestran que la U3D mejora la certeza diagnostica en mas del 70% de estas, (10,11) especialmente en areas especificas del feto como cara, cabeza, cuello, columna, pared abdominal y extremidades.
Using the free U3D exporter now available, it's easier than ever to complete scrapbooks with 3D art and backgrounds; design books with vivid cover images; create compelling storyboards, and more.
The U3D version of the Sea Dragon model is also available for free download from within the DAZ 3D weekly free product archive (http://free.
6 containing the interactive U3D format, delivering 3D & 2D design content in a familiar format.
Innovative 3D Technology To Assimilate with Rich Media and U3D (Universal 3D) Content Delivery for Mobile Users
The U3D format has been approved by ECMA International, the standards body that manages the DVD standard among others, and is in committee to sponsor the format for ISO certification.
U3D was selected by Adobe as the native 3D format implemented within the Acrobat family of products, including Acrobat Reader, and output as PDF 1.
PDF files including U3D objects can then be viewed and interacted with by anyone with free Adobe Reader(R) 7.