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U3DUniversal 3 Dimensional
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An early adopter of U3D is Adobe Systems Incorporated: Acrobat(R) 7.
The U3D File Format specification and standardization is an ongoing process in which features such as mesh compression, hierarchical surface descriptions, and generalized shading will be addressed in the near future to satisfy even the most demanding visualization needs.
DRAPER, Utah -- DAZ 3D, a leading developer of professional quality 3D software and models, announced today the release of a free U3D content exporter included as part of DAZ|Studio 1.
As we progress with the adoption of U3D, it is gratifying as the chair of 3D Industry Forum (3DIF) to see Actify addressing key business process issues with the inclusion of U3D in their SpinFire product," said Richard Benoit, U3D Program Manager and Chair of 3DIF.
Innovative 3D Technology To Assimilate with Rich Media and U3D (Universal 3D) Content Delivery for Mobile Users
The U3D format has been approved by ECMA International, the standards body that manages the DVD standard among others, and is in committee to sponsor the format for ISO certification.
U3D was selected by Adobe as the native 3D format implemented within the Acrobat family of products, including Acrobat Reader, and output as PDF 1.