U5MRUnder Five Mortality Rate
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Child mortality rose dramatically, with the U5MR peaking at 80.
In 2004, the prevalence of HIV infection among pregnant women plateaued at 30% and the U5MR started to reduce as a result of scaled-up prevention of mother-to-child transmission and expanded rollout of antiretroviral (ARV) therapy.
While SA has missed attaining MDG4, it has significantly reduced the U5MR and IMR under difficult circumstances.
13) International agencies and public health researchers generated estimates showing that IMR and U5MR continued to be high.
25) Although there was a broad economic collapse for almost five years, followed by only incremental growth for the next decade, IMR and U5MR continued to decrease.
Eighty-two percent of deaths occurred from December 2009 to May 2010, making the daily U5MR 12.
The United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) considers a daily U5MR of > 2.
Network (an NGO) the IMR dropped by 38, U5MR dropped by 74, MMR dropped
Ongoing surveillance of HIV prevalence, disease profile and mortality at CHBH and other hospitals may be used to identify programmatic problems, plan service improvement interventions and measure progress towards the millennium goal of a two-thirds reduction in U5MR by 2015.
CMR and U5MR exceeded respective emergency thresholds (Table 1).
Malnutrition as a cause of death could not be assessed because of its implication in various infectious diseases, but high prevalence of malnutrition is usually associated with excess U5MR (13).
Results of Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) rapid assessment tool (under-5 mortality rate method) in 11 developing countries Country U5MR (a) Meningitis cases/ deaths (b) Ghana 110 5,465/984 Uganda 147 2,838/709 Egypt 65 6,731/2558 Iran 31.