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UAAUniversal Audio Architecture
UAAUniversity Athletic Association
UAAUndeliverable As Addressed
UAAUniversity Aviation Association
UAAUniversidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes (Mexico)
UAAUyghur American Association
UAAUniform Accountancy Act (US)
UAAUrban Affairs Association
UAAUtilised Agricultural Area
UAAUse Attainability Analyses
UAAUtility Arborist Association
UAAUnited Arab Airlines (now Egypt Air)
UAAUniform Adoption Act
UAAUnified Access Architecture (ACT Networks, Inc.)
UAAUtah Apartment Association
UAAUnified Audio Architecture
UAAUnited Action for Animals
UAAUNO Accessibility API
UAAUkraine Air Alliance (airline)
UAAUnderground Action Alliance
UAAUtah Alternate Assessment
UAAUltimate Alien Anthology (Star Wars game)
UAAUskudar American Academy (high school; Turkey)
UAAUndergraduate Alumni Association
UAAUganda Artists Association
UAAUniversal Administered Address
UAAUnited Anarchists of America
UAAUnion of African Architects
UAAUrology Administration Assembly (Medical Group Management Association)
UAAUrgent Action Appeals (Amensty International)
UAAUkrainian Alumni Association
UAAUnited Azerbaijan Association
UAAUnit Assembly Area
UAAUniversity of Aviation Association
UAAUnity of Action Accord
UAAUser Authority Agent
UAAUniversity of Alaska Anchorage
UAAUndergraduate Academic Affairs (various universities)
UAAUser Awareness Agreement
UAAUniversity Alumni Association
UAAUniversal Application Architecture
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The UAA authors build on the idea of a voucher system with a view to enabling people to engage in a wide variety of freely chosen non-market activities by providing free access to certain resources (energy, water), public services (health, education) and goods (housing, food) as a share of social wealth to which everyone is entitled.
For example, UAA worked with UAF to assist their creation of a robust undergraduate research program, the Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Activity Program.
Brian Fausett said he spent more than a year hassling the VA to process paperwork so he could enroll in UAA through the department's Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program, a service for veterans with service-related disabilities.
As ACTE notes of this high-demand program, since Alaska has more small private aircraft per capita than any other state, the UAA air traffic control program is valuable not only for the students who are able to take advantage of the quality training it offers, but also for the state's economy.
The amended UAA provides that individual CPAs licensed in one state who enter another state to practice pursuant to the substantial equivalency practice privilege automatically consent to the disciplinary authority of the second state's accountancy board and to comply with that state's accounting statutes and board regulations.
En Quimica, sobresalio la participacion de Ana Isabel Leyva Gonzalez, alumna del quinto semestre del Centro de Educacion Media de la UAA, quien obtuvo un tercer lugar.
Ballantyne interviewed extremely well and was favorably viewed by faculty, staff and administrators here at UAA.
The UAA enhances the protection of the public interest where it is most critical--in the area of attest services.
UAA is designed to assess the achievement of students in grades 1 through 12 with significant cognitive disabilities.
In most countries the UAA (utilised agricultural area) declined slightly between 1975 and 1995.
The UAA is a model whereby applications written in any of Progress's development tools are to be stripped down to raw business logic, and then kept on an application server to be treated as Corba or DCOM objects.
There are a number of provisions of the UAA identified by NSA's State Regulation and Oversight Committee (SROC) as being targeted at independent practicing accountants, provisions that will have adverse consequences.