UACNUniversity of Alaska Computer Network
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Each of the 56 school districts in the state also has access to the UACN, making it a mega-communications system for a state twice the size of Texas.
The course is offered on the UACN 24 hours a day and qualifies as true distance education by any standard.
After a student registers, he or she is issued a USERNAME on the UACN and mailed the first lesson.
Approximately one-third of the messages sent on the UACN require satellite transmission.
Since the UACN uses the full-duplex method, an "echo" of the transmission must be sent back to the originating computer, thus making the total distance that the signal must travel almost 100,000 miles.
Prior to this announcement, UACN declared that it had offloaded a 51% stake in Livestock Feeds Plc, a producer of animal foodstuff.
Making observations on their new enterprise, the Group Managing Director at UACN - Larry Ettah has stated that his company is eager to team up with Imperial Logistics as its strategic associate to take on the poorly-served and emergent logistics market in the Nigerian territory.
Regarding UACN, the company operates in the sectors of foods, paints, and logistics as well as property.
6bn ($12m) into the operations of United African Company of Nigeria, the parent company of UACN Properties, which bought the 1004 Estates in the first property downsizing exercise in Lagos.
The foreign investors also claim that the deal would enable them to "support the continued development of UACN as one of Nigeria's most successful and highly regarded companies".