UACRUrinary Albumin-to-Creatinine Ratio
UACRUtah Air Conservation Rules
UACRUpper Arm Circumference Relaxed
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According to the American Diabetic Association classification of microalbuminuria, patients were divided into three groups: normal albumin group, spot UACR <30 mg/g*Cr; microalbuminuria, spot UACR 30–299 mg/g*Cr; and macroalbuminuria, spot UACR ≥300 mg/g*Cr.
Patients at higher CKD stages were generally older, had diabetes for a longer duration, had higher systolic blood pressure, and had higher UACR.
5 years of follow-up, defined as a UACR [greater than or equal to] 25 mg/g in women and [greater than or equal to] 17 mg/g in men.
A statistically significant proportion of subjects achieved >40% reduction in UACR from baseline in the 0.
In a post hoc analysis, it was shown that the greatest reduction in UACR was in 29 patients on 2 mcg paricalcitol who had urinary sodium excretion of more than 178 mmol in 24 h.
Several studies have also demonstrated that UACR has little advantage over the measurement of UAC alone.
In an unadjusted analysis, both hs cardiac troponin assays and UACR, but not [eGFR.
This uncertainty about the role of UACR in managing heart failure patients was echoed in a comment that accompanied the report, which asked whether albuminuria should be used as a (surrogate) treatment target in heart failure, and if so how it should it be treated.