UADTUpper Aero-Digestive Tract
UADTUniversity of Aberdeen Development Trust (Aberdeen, Scotland, UK)
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Overall, the age distribution of UADT cancers was highest in the 60-69 years age group, with male:female ratio was 9:1.
The association of HPV with cancers of the UADT is also suspected.
Recently, in the United States, Gillison (44) showed that HPV is a causal factor for a distinct group of UADT cancers particularly in oropharyngeal cancers that occur more frequently in men than women, where oral sex appear to be the principal risk factor for HPV-associated oral cancers in adolescents (45).
In our first studies in UADT by using formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded specimens (31,32), we detected HPV-DNA by GP5+/GP6+ primer pair for PCR (54) that amplified 150 base pair regions within L1, and the results were confirmed by southern blot analysis.
However, HPV vaccination in males may be a particularly important approach to prevent UADT cancer; most HPV-associated UADT cancers occur in men.
Table 2 shows the distribution malignant cases of UADT under broad categories.
Table 3 shows the site wise distribution of Carcinomas of UADT.
The pathologic aspects of UADT cancers tend to be overlooked, because most of them are squamous cell carcinomas, which are not much attractive to both pathologists and clinicians.
In present study, most common site of tumours of UADT was oral cavity (tongue) followed by hypo pharynx (pyriform fossa) and larynx (supraglottis).
80% of UADT cancers, and this proportion was almost similar to those reported in the western countries (0.
Mucosal melanomas of the UADT account for about 1% of all malignant melanomas.
Tumours of UADT are predominantly a disease of males.