UAFSUniversity of Arkansas, Fort Smith
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What does UAFS do to help students get the best education at the least cost?
Estimated to be the second-oldest house in Van Buren behind the Drennen-Scott House which is also owned by UAFS the WIlhauf House is on the National Register of Historic Places and was built by German immigrant Leonard Wilhauf, who ran a bakery in Van Buren in the mid-nineteenth century.
Fort Smith Chamber of Commerce President Jimmy Dooley acknowledged that the proposal to create UAFS "was not popular to begin with.
The College of Business at UAFS is accredited by the AACSB and has smaller classroom sizes than other schools, she said.
If voters approve the creation of UAFS, Westark's Board of Trustees would be reorganized as the USAF Board of Visitors.
Beran added that Gosacks gift has already helped one student at UAFS, one that Beran said he thinks Gosack wouldve admired.
Additionally, UAFS and industry partners identified a lack of information technology skills among employees, especially in programming and networking.
6 Clark Contractors LLC UAFS Recreation and Wellness
Here are some of the traits that make family businesses special to UAFS and deserving of special attention by the Family Enterprise Center:
She has served as interim director of UAFS marketing since August and was previously a graphic designer in the same office for four years.
More than 2,200 UAFS students take at least one online course as part of their studies.
New Job: As senior director of major and planned gifts, Rodney Parks leads a staff of five at the UAFS Foundation.